Top 5 Spotify Podcasts of April

With so much time on our hands, there are no limits to the variety of hobbies and activities that we can pick up, so why not fill up the boring phases of our day with these very interesting and fascinating podcasts:

  • Poetry Unbound 

A treat for the poetic souls, this podcast features several poems written by the greats as well as the newbies. It has a poem for every mood and every feeling, just scroll through the innumerable audios finding the best one for you or listen to a random one and take it from there. I love reading poems, and there is no other podcast that relieves my stress as much as this one does. 

  • Science Vs 

This podcast focuses on finding out how credibe an idea that has been going around is. Recently they have released a bunch of episodes on busting Covid-19 myths and finding out what the real facts are. If you want to educate yourself and stop the flow of unconfirmed and ridiculous information circling around in the media, this is the best place to start. 

  • Call Her Daddy

If the name did not already give it away, it is a fun podcast hosted by Alexandra and Sofiya of Barstool Sports. Here they discuss their life in nyc filled with everything and anything crazy, mostly when they are hungover. Having a bag of popcorn while listening to this is highly recommended! 

  • The TryPod

This podcast is hosted by the famous YouTubers, The Try Guys. Every episode is filled with tales of different experiences that the Try Guys have had as content creators as well as elements of their life. This podcast provides the much needed comic relief that we need in our life right now. 

  • Gals on the Go 

This podcast is a must listen for all the college students, it includes episodes on the very simple to the most complex issues that we face in our daily lives. Hosted by two students and influencers, it is a good place to find motivation, inspiration to start something new, and people and experiences you can very easily relate to.