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Top 5 Spotify Playlists of September

The month of September symbolizes the start of new things. Whether a new school year or internship, the month right after summer break ends is meant to energize you to feel motivated to start your year off strong. With that, here are five playlists to check out on Spotify to empower you to start off your strongest!

  1. BADDIE PLAYLIST by Nina Basilio

    From the sounds of Jhené Aiko to Megan Thee Stallion, this playlist will make you feel like you can conquer anything. These R&B and Pop sounds will fire you up to get excited to take on any challenge, with the affirmation that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

  2. ?Study Playlist by Christina Zhang

    I’ve personally used this one before and can confirm the focus it gives you. Most of these songs are mellow, piano ballads that give calming vibes to nerves. These types of vibes are perfect for a studying aid as getting rid of nerves leads to a higher chance of retention of knowledge needed for a test, quiz, or homework.

  3. Fall Playlist by Ashley TerKeurst Hodges

    The first day of Fall takes place on September 21st, and to get prepared for the change in season; it’s only obvious we get in the mindset of apple and pumpkin picking, crunchy leaves, and cooler weather. Whether it's listening to Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood or Lego House by Ed Sheeran, you’ll want a PSL to go with it.

  4. Tik Tok September 2020 by clauloopezz

    Since the announcement of TikTok going away shocked almost all of Gen Z, it is obvious that we’ll want memorabilia of the app’s iconic songs to look back on this era. This playlist contains the full songs of popular audios used in viral TikTok trends this month. Avid users will be able to pick out their favorites by listening for only a few seconds (I tried this, and it works!).

  5. euphoria vibes?✨??? by _camnicole_

    By now, we’re still in the aftermath of celebrating Zendaya’s historic Emmy win for her portrayal as Rue that we may be wishing we could live the life of the show. As the description of the playlist states, “for your main character complex”, the songs will help you fulfill your goal of being the lead of your own coming-of-age show and having the center of attention on you at all times (As you should! Take charge of your life.).

With these playlists in store, you definitely can be successful this semester no matter what your goals are. These tunes of empowerment will hopefully bring some inspiration even during challenging times! In the meantime, check them out and good luck this year.

Hi my name is Egesi Iheduru and I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona but am now studying Psychology and Cinema Studies at New York University! I love to watch all types of movies, ranging from indie art films to superhero franchises (forever Team Marvel!). Some of my hobbies include cheerleading, gymnastics, singing, and shopping at the mall. In the near future, I see myself working in either political psychology or screenwriting/acting in feature films. I'm very excited to be joining Her Campus to share some of my wisdom I've learned throughout my college experience.
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