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With the fall season in full swing, everyone is bringing out their favorite scarves, coats, and makeup looks to match the season!

Here are some of the biggest trends we’ve noticed so far:

Graphic Eyeliner

Euphoria was one of the biggest hits on TV this past summer, and with the iconic looks created on the show, it’s no surprise that people are still obsessed today. While not everyone may be able to rock some of those avant-garde styles, many have harnessed their creative energy through the use of graphic eyeliner. Used with both bright neons or a quintessential black, graphic eyeliner makes a statement with any color palette you choose. It’s a great way to add some bold colors to your everyday look, and will surely give a little extra “oomph” to many different looks.

Black Smokey Eyes

A tried and true way to add vampy-realness to anyone’s style, black smokey eyes have made a large comeback this fall season. However, there’s a twist this time: when we say “black smokey eye,” we truly mean black. Black and grays are only used to create this daring eye look. Let the spookiest month of the year inspire you to try out this classic look with a new twist! Try putting some silver glitter on the center of your lids for an eye-catching sparkle. This will take this look to a new level. 

Glitter Halo-Eyes

A dramatic smokey eye isn’t the only way we’ve seen glitter. So many beauty lovers have been digging the use of some shimmer in their halo-eye looks recently. It’s a beautiful way to draw attention to your eyes with the doe-eye effect it creates! The best part about this trend is the versatility it brings. You can use any color scheme with it. This look becomes a guaranteed hit as long as your glitter matches the other colors you used.

Brown Lipstick

This trend tends to come back every fall, and it’s always a welcome addition to any makeup-lovers tool kit. You can layer and blend another lighter shade on top of it for a cute ombre effect, or rock it on its own for an edgy grunge feeling. It’s also worth noting that this lipstick color can be worn with a matte, glossy, or satin finish, and still be totally on trend. If you’re thinking about trying any trend, this is definitely the one to give a try.


Blush has always been one of the biggest trends during the year, so it’s no surprise it’s continuing to trend to this day! Although the orange blush craze of the summer has come and gone, people are still loving the flushed-face look as the chillier months settle in. Choose pinkish or berry-toned shade to dust over the apples of your cheeks to bring a warm and youthful vibe to your face. 

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Brianna Paez-Dishman is a staff writer for Her Campus NYU. Grown and raised in sunny California, she is the first in her family to pursue a college education and is currently a senior studying Media, Culture, and Communications with a focus in Images & Screen Studies at New York University. When she isn't writing, she's busy creating visual art in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, dreaming of advertisement campaigns that she would one day bring to fruition. Brianna loves all things about alternative music, fine art, and graphic design. After graduation, she plans in working in advertising, and ideally hopes to one day become a Creative Director at her own agency.
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