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The Stars Came Out For NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out

The fourth annual Fashion’s Night Out was again a huge success in New York City.

Many celebrities came out for this star-studded event all over the city. Michael Kors was spotted at several locations including his own store and at Macy’s where he hosted a trivia game before meeting with some fans.
NYU student Layla Ilchi was one of the few lucky people to meet him and said, “He said I looked fabulous! No one can ever say anything else after a compliment from Michael Kors. That was definitely the highlight of my night.”

Also at Macy’s Harold Square were other celebrities like “Lord” Scott Disick, who taught a cigar rolling class, and fashion stylist Clinton Kelly showed shoppers the trends for fall.

In SoHo, the main attractions were Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio at Victoria Secret and rapper Azealia Banks at the MAC store. Several NYU students waited in line outside of MAC in order to see this free performance. Kyra Valley, a student at NYU described the madhouse scene saying, “It was crazy because some people were in line for two to three hours and I kind of got pushed inside the store.”

In the meat packing district, several students got the opportunity to meet and take pictures with designer Alexander Wang at his store. Maybelline also set up shop here with makeup kiosks which Cailin Arambarry, a student, said was her “favorite event” of the evening.

The 5th avenue Lord and Taylor store was another with very popular events. As shoppers entered the store, they were given a key that could have opened up the padlocks on some great prizes. Each floor had several lock boxes for shoppers to try and open with prizes such as free clothing or gift certificates. There were two main attractions at
this store: Project Runway designers and Kim Kardashian.

With the 10th season of Project Runway dubbed the “Lord and Taylor” season, the presence of the show’s designers were prevalent throughout the store. On the second floor, there was an open meet and greet mixer
with the designers including season one winner, Jay McCarroll; winner of season seven, Seth Aaron; and everyone’s favorite designer Mondo Guerra. On the third floor, several other Project Runway designers were designing free shirts for customers. Also featured at the store, was the Project Runway clothing line with designs from many of the popular designers.

Kim Kardashian was also on the third floor of Lord and Taylor but getting the chance to meet with her was a lot more exclusive. Shoppers had to shell out $125 to buy her fragrance and get a spot in line. Still even if you made the purchase, you were not guaranteed to meet her.

Finally, the queen herself, Anna Wintour made appearances at many different events uptown including: Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s in Harold’s Square, the QVC studios, and Sax’s Fifth Ave.

Fashion’s Night Out was definitely a night to remember and an amazing way to kick off this year’s highly anticipated Fashion Week.

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