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Sex, Sex, & More Sex

When purchasing a car, or a motorcycle, it is pretty obvious what one looks at first: will this get me laid? Recently, MotoCrosa released photos promoting their Penigale, a vivid red motorcycle; and incorporated beautiful women to help promote something (I’m not so sure on that something). The use of women, men, and sexual appeal is not new to advertising; but MotorCrosa is a funny case.

What started as a joke among employees has now become a viral sensation. Oregon Ducati dealership’s manager, Arun Sharma, decided he wanted to spice things up with his marketing tactics of the new ride. Collaborating with photographer, Alicia Mariah Elfving, both shot the original photos with women riding the bikes instead of standing next to them like trophies. Riding them would assert their power. Unfortunately not many saw it that way; so in order to continue the push for the bikes, Sharma decided it would be interesting to use male in the same poses. Many praised Shurman for shedding light on the use of women as sexual appeals to buy motorcycles; others were turned off by the men on the bikes.

By initially using only women models, MotorCrosa was indicating that only those attracted to females would be attracted to riding motorcycles. In switching genders, the company reaches out to a wider audience: those who love men. It is a smart move for the PR team. Now if only other companies could take a hint.

Heidi Klum has recently starred in a promotion for Carl’s Jr., adding to a lineage of barely dressed women eating a burger for 30 seconds. Many remember the infamous Paris Hilton commercial that was pushing the line and eventually was banned from airing in certain areas around the world. Or Kate Uptown and Kim Kardashian seducing viewers to eat Carl Jr. because their food taste as good, if not better, than sex. This time  Carl’s Jr. decides to add the parody element to stray away just a tad bit from the only sexual eating. Except, unless you have seen the film, The Graduate, the commercial is basically only sexual eating to you.

With Motorcrosa’s new approach of male models, it makes one wonder if Carl’s Jr. will be having men eating burgers soon and trying to seduce women with their appetite. Eventually, Carl’s Jr. will realize that not only men eat burgers. But until then, commercials will continue to push the limit with their sex appeals.

Hey, sex sells, right?

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