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Running Out of Things to Watch on Netflix? We Got You!

After a long tiring day, all I want to do is watch a good show and fall asleep, don’t you? But how annoying is it when we waste minutes mindlessly searching for something that clicks. That’s why I have compiled some of my favorite shows that fit any mood you could be in! 

Violet Evergarden 

If you are looking for something emotional and touching, Violet Evergarden is the anime for you. Even if you don’t watch anime, I highly recommend watching this one! Simply because this series is just thirteen episodes long, and has amazing character development for all involved. The show is set in a post-war society and follows the life of an emotionally detached child-soldier settling into civilian life. Violet is trying to find the meaning of love, life, and how to live without receiving orders. The animation and music is simply superb and you will end up falling in love with it. But beware…the show is extremely emotional and you will tear up. 

The series continues with a film special and a bonus episode — all on Netflix! 

The Uncanny Counter 

Suggested by my best friend, The Uncanny Counter is my first Korean Drama Series. It is one of the most amazing live sci-fi shows I have ever seen. The series is a thriller and follows the life of So-Mun, a high school student who became a “Counter.” 

A counter’s job is to catch evil spirits who have escaped from the afterlife. The counters also have superhuman strengths, which make them one of the coolest humans ever. Yes, the show is as cool as that sentence. This action packed, suspenseful series has so many plot twists!

Several cool scenes depict So-mun and three other counters, Do Ha-na, Ga Mo-tak (my favorite), and Choo Mae-ok. This series is the best to watch after you have a long tiring day of college/work! You would not be able to stop yourself from clicking the “Next Episode” button again and again, until you are finished! 

Cobra Kai

Any Karate Kid fans? Well if you are, you must already know about this series! 

SPOILER: We all know about the infamous crane kick, Johnny’s assault, and his loss of the All Valley Championship. This series is set thirty years after those events and tells us the story from Johnny’s perspective. When Johnny reopens Cobra Kai dojo, he takes in Miguel Diaz as his pupil. This is when things start to heat up between our beloved Daniel, and Johnny. With a hit of nostalgia, the series demonstrates imperfections in the human experience and the message is loud and clear. 

If you have not watched Karate Kid (1984), I suggest you watch that first and then the show. Honestly, Cobra Kai has become one of my favorite shows to watch as I take a break from classes and the general stress! 

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki Kuso, homonym of psychic, is actually a psychic! Set in a fictional world of Japan, this anime is lighthearted, funny, and absurd. This show is absolutely perfect to put you in a happier mood, if you are feeling down. It follows the life of Saiki, who is quite literally done with the world around him, and his “friends” who keep breaking the fourth wall, a lot. Personally, from the list above this is my favorite go-to show just because of its pure stupid, and inane episodes.

These are just a few of the amazing shows on Netflix shows I’ve seen! A notable mention to Nagi no Asukara – A Lull in the Sea, a show I’m slowly becoming hooked to! But seriously, if you ever need a break, give these shows a shot!

Hi! I'm a junior at NYU Stern studying Data Science and Marketing. I love to read and is passionate about astronomy, and cooking! I also write for my anonymous own blog. Want to have a chat? Contact me at [email protected] or reach out to me on Instagram (@_priyal.maheshwari_)!
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