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The Reopening of New York’s Museum of Modern Art

Rebranding itself as “the New MoMA,” New York’s Museum of Modern Art reopened after a four-month renovation. The museum, standing as the nexus of contemporary art, stood with closed doors throughout the summer months, working to rebuild their spaces in what has been said to be a $450 million renovation, according to a New York Times article.

Before the renovation, the museum showcased popular pieces, from Roy Lichenstein’s Drowning Girl to Van Gogh’s Starry Night, in addition to housing a rotating number of visitors every day. Visitors ranged from tourists to New York-based art fanatics wanting in on the popular establishment and its various collections. What many people wonder is how this old image will fare in the face of the museum’s renovation?

According to MoMA’s website, the museum worked to rethink the way we experience art. In terms of the renovation specifically, many architectural changes were made, expanding the museum’s physical space to accommodate additional art practices, most notably, performance art and visitor engagement. The museum’s new Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Studio, designed for performance art, and Paula and James Crown Creativity Lab embodies these two values. In turn, it’s fair to say this new museum has expanded, rather than shifted, its focus on exhibitions and visitor experience. 
The museum’s focus on reshaping visitor experience went beyond the works they showcase and how they are displayed. The museum has expanded its dining options as well, in addition to opening a two-story flagship design store, according to the museum’s website

Whether you’re an artist yourself or want to take in the aura the MoMA emanates, the new space was made strides toward creating a more collective and inclusive user experience. Take a trip to Midtown and check out the new space for yourself!

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