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Galentine’s Day! Who doesn’t love this holiday? It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your girlfriends and tell them how much you appreciate them.

While I love communicating gratitude and affection in writing and verbally, one of my favorite ways to shower love on my friends is through thoughtful gifts. I believe gifts with meaning and care go a long way, especially now when everyone could use something to brighten their day. Here are some (COVID-19 safe) gift ideas for your girl gang:

Surprise Food Delivery

Surprising your friends with their favorite meal or treat is such a great way to show you care! It’s so easy these days to send food to other people with endless delivery app options. I have used DoorDash to send food and selected their “send as a gift” option to include a virtual card with the order. This gift is one of my favorites because edible gifts are always so exciting and usually enjoyed and consumed (who doesn’t like food?). Sometimes, it’s easier to go wrong with material gifts, and sometimes, you don’t even end up using the gift you receive. I always get more excited when I get an edible gift like candy over a material object like clothing. 

Movie Night Package

This is an excellent gift for a relaxing night in! If you want to create a potential touch to the present, you can compile popcorn, candy/chocolate, warm socks, a soft blanket, and a DVD of their favorite movie (do people still use those?) and hand-deliver or ship it to your friend. Or, if you’d prefer a pre-made gift, you can buy a pre-made movie gift set and send them a digital gift card to rent their movie of choice. I’ve sent my friends the same linked gift set, and they loved it! 

Self-Care Gifts

I love self-care related gifts! Everyone has their own methods of practicing self-care and this gift is so customizable. There’s so many routes you can take with this gift! For example… 

I know Galentine’s Day has already passed, but you can show your friends you appreciate and love them any day! And while we’re talking about love, remember to show yourself love too! Treat yourself to a movie night, take out from your favorite restaurant, or whatever relaxing and fun activity you enjoy!


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Pooja is studying business at NYU. She is from the Philadelphia area and loves living in and exploring New York City! Pooja is passionate about fashion, sustainability, and wellness. Have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Or just want to chat? Reach out to her at pa1395@nyu.edu!
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