NYC Pop-Up Exhibits You Should Check Out Right Now

Now that the Friends Pop-Up has sadly come to an end, here are some more NYC pop-up exhibits to check out to alleviate your FOMO and still spice up your Instagram feed. 

Ocean Cube

The Ocean Cube pop-up brings back the nostalgic feeling of going on that one field trip to the aquarium when you were a kid. With its magical light fixations that make up its many bright reefs, corals, and ocean animals, you would almost think that you’re submerged underwater. Even parts of the exhibit are eco-friendly. Some pieces are made up of waste material, bottles, and cans often found on the streets of NYC. Ocean Cube takes place in the Soho area until October 23rd. You can get tickets here:


This pop-up will bring out your inner video game character with its 10 pixelated, game-like rooms. Each room is filled with bursts of bright colors and props that are perfect for switching up your Instagram feed. And, yes, there is a ball pit! Along with their playful and vibrant rooms, portions of ticket sales are donated to support Autism research. You can find Pixinity in the Soho area until November 8th. 

Tickets can be found here:


With its popularity in LA, it was only fitting for Wonderworld to take place in NYC. There’s a total of 11 rooms in the exhibit each filled with a dreamy, mystical theme. Its dream-like, whimsical  rooms are inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. It’s perfect to pop in for the instagrammable mushrooms or just to explore the exhibits. Wonderworld is ongoing until November 3rd in the Williamsburg area. 

Tickets can be found here:

The Rose Mansion

The Rose Mansion has made its anticipated appearance in NYC yet again. It's packed with different rooms made for posting, sipping, and even learning about the history of Rose. There are lounges where you can chill out while you try one of the 100 different roses that they have. You can also chow down on some tacos straight from Dumbo and even throw yourself in their disco ball pit. The Rose Mansion will be in the Midtown area until November 3rd.

Tickets can be found here:

The Color Factory

Who can go wrong with some more pictures in the fluorescent blue ball pit? Pictures from the Color Factory are usually taken in its signature ball pit. But, there’s more to this pop-up than that. The Color Factory has 16 different installations dedicated to different colors and arrays and experiences associated with them.  Boogie down in the disco room with its cool holographic floors and multiple disco balls. The Color Factory is in the Soho area until November 26th.

Tickets can be found here:

Love Vibe NYC 

Cuffing season is upon us and Love Vibe is the perfect pop-up to hit up for it. Its 7 installations depict the 7 stages of relationships. Just because it’s about relationships it doesn’t mean you can’t fly solo- unleash your inner hopeless romantic and take some groovy pictures for Insta. Take a picture in the infamous Puzzle Room with its extravagant assortment of multi-colored string lights. Love Vibe is available in the Lower Manhattan area until November 20th. 


Arcadia Earth

Acadia Earth is one of the first flagship pop-up exhibits in NYC. It’s an augmented reality exhibit with 18 rooms that make you feel like you’re exploring different realms in some type of fantasy world with caves, forests, and underwater lands. This exhibit also brings awareness to the plastic and waste pollution epidemic. One room is made up of 44,000 recycled paper bags and another is made of pages from old library books. The Arcadia Earth exhibit takes place in Noho until February 2020. 


Lucy’s Delicatessen on 6th

Lucy’s Delicatessen on 6th is a pop-up that resembles an NYC bodega just with mini stuffed foods and items with small eyes and cute smiles. Each item, from the fruits to the meats, is handmade with felt. You can even buy 1 of the 30,000 pieces from the pop-up. Come on down to this upscale deli to see pieces you can look AND touch but can’t eat. Lucy’s Delicatessen on 6th is open to the public in Rockefeller Center until October 20th. 

(Photos Courtesy of Pexels)