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Nathan Frost ’14

Name:  Nathan Frost
Nickname:  Nate
Hometown:  Princeton, NJ
Relationship Status:  Single
Major:  Classics
Year in School: Freshman
Interests/Activities:  Long distance running followed by long term napping. I love to exercise as
hard as I can for a while then completely crash for an even longer while.

How would you describe yourself?
Devilishly charming and irresistibly handsome. Just kidding. I’m not that conceited. I’m pretty laid back, I love to relax and go out with my friends. I’m a pretty easygoing guy when I’m out and about, so I can’t stand when people are too angry or serious when I’m trying to have a good time. Oh, I talk a lot too.
What is your ideal first date?
It’d probably start off with a horror movie. It’s sort of a guarantee that I’ll get to seem brave if I can keep from getting too freaked out. Then a walk in a park followed by ice cream so that we can talk and get to know each other while still keeping a sort of light mood.

Turn ons/turns offs when it comes to girls?
I love it when girls are confident enough to tell me if they’re into me.  I dislike like it when a girl talks too much in a movie when we first start dating.

Do you have a favorite pickup line? If so, what is it?
I would never use it, but I love the “If I told you that you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?” one.

What is the most confusing thing girls do?
When girls get jealous of other girls I know. It always throws me when a girl I’m with gets angry if I mention that I’d seen or talked to another girl we both know. I’ve even had a girlfriend get jealous of the attention I gave my sister.

What do you do/how do you act when you really like a girl?
I get pretty shy. I definitely need to gather some courage before chatting up a girl I really like. If I can work up the bravery though, I generally am pretty chatty and will talk to the girl at length.

Stephanie is in the class of 2014 at New York University studying Journalism and Dramatic Writing. She is currently a production intern at NBC News, after previously interning at ABC News. In addition to being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus NYU, she is also an entertainment and lifestyle blogger for Seventeen Magazine and a contributing writer for USA TODAY and The Huffington Post, as well as a member of the MTV Insights team. Stephanie loves Broadway and performing in musical theatre, as well as shopping, singing, and playing the piano. Follow her NYC adventures on Twitter at @StephanieJBeach.
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