Morgan Boyer: NYU's Most Fashionable

    Everyone's born with some sort of a "sixth sense," some acute knowledge for something no one else has that grants them some irreplicable talents, but also quasi-psychic abilities.  Sometimes it's which unknown stocks are on the rise, sometimes it's which ingredient might make that dish surprisingly good.  With Morgan Boyer, our featured NYU Campus Celebrity, Snapshot, and Boohoo style rep, it's what to wear that makes her look really (really) good.  Read on to see what she has to say.


Name: Morgan Boyer

Year: 2015

Major: Journalism and Politics with a French minor

Hometown: Polk City, Florida

HC NYU How does it feel to be a senior entering the work force?  What do you see yourself doing as a longtime career?MB It feels like every day I am walking up to a cliff, ready to commit to plunging into whatever I'm going to do for the rest of my life, but then I have second thoughts and turn around, saying "I'll figure it out tomorrow." In short, it's terrifying and completely scattered. Yesterday, I thought I would learn how to code and work in fashion business. Today, I really want to be a restauranteur. Luckily, I think this idea actually has some legs.  

HC NYU Do you have any "girl-crushes" that you gain motivation from to pursue certain things?  On the flip side, do you think there are any women upheld by the media you find yourself to be a sort of anti-role model?MB Some, but they're none too original. I want to be on Forbes' list of the "100 Most Powerful Women." Some of the women on there that I look up to are Anna Wintour, Beyoncé (obviously), and DVF... But I usually take more inspiration from people kicking ass who I know personally. I'm really not a fan of any of the Kardashians at all. I don't think money and scandal can constitute talent. They'll just give celebrity status to anyone these days. 

HC NYU How would you define your style? Do you look towards anything in particular (a magazine, etc.) or to anyone for inspiration?MB My style is extremely varied, and no single day would represent me as a whole.  In a few words, though, I'd say irreverent, femme, and dynamic.  I follow some bloggers and watch a lot of street style.  I don't really follow trends, I just look to my surroundings to remind myself to keep pushing boundaries. 

HC NYU Which stores/brands do you tend to gravitate towards (if any)?  What do you  find constitutes a "good" piece of clothing?MBI love All Saints Spitalfields, Top Shop, and Boohoo.  I like any place that allows me a wide variety of interesting, un-basic pieces that can really boost my style game.  That's why I've been really into thrifting lately--every piece has its own history and the process of finding one is a story in and of itself.  A good piece is something that makes my body look its prime, makes me feel confident, and turns heads.  It's hard to tell all that from a rack, but sometimes it's a gut-instinct.
HC NYU Tell us about your time with boohoo and what you think makes it a unique (and fashionable) brand.MB Boohoo has a lot going for it. It's extremely fast fashion, so they're constantly pushing out cool new stuff. I think it's a real threat to brands like ASOS and Nasty Gal because it has some of their aesthetic but also cool, versatile clothes that aren't club-wear or overtly hip. Plus, they're much cheaper across the board. Working for them has been great because they are really energetic and excited to work with us. It's also nice to be able to share discounts and giveaways with my classmates. I'm really excited because there will be a Boohoo pop-up shop in Soho in October  and November, and on November 1st, my Stylesquad partner Nicole and I get to plan an event autonomously. We're even going to be giving away outfits! It's going to be really fun to plan and host, and I hope to see a lot of NYU students there to see the collection we curate.