This Month’s Must-Listen-To Podcasts

If you’re like us - overwhelmed with midterms and looking forward to warmer spring days so you can stop freezing - these podcasts will keep you entertained through your exams and term papers all the way to sunny skies and warm spring weather. From hilarious stories to sports to pop culture and politics, here is a list of podcasts that we’ve been listening to this month. We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!

  1. 1. Just Between Us

    Do you ever feel like life is getting you down and you just need your best friend to help you through it? Welcome to the hilariously wonderful and wacky world of Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn. Raskin and Dunn are the co-hosts of the viral Youtube channel Just Between Us and are taking their weekly couch variety show to the wonderful world of podcasts! The two besties tackle all of life's tough topics involving mental health, money, and sexuality with all of the comedic rants and blunt honesty that you’d get with your own best friend.

  2. 2. Unladylike

    Have you ever been called “unladylike?” Have you wondered where that word even comes from, and why it has so much influence over the lives of women everywhere? It’s your lucky day. Produced by Stitcher, and hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, the podcast Unladylike is here with all the ways to tackle the ridiculously unrealistic expectations placed on women. The podcast features stories of women who are rule-breakers and advice on how to become a rule-breaker yourself.

  3. 3. Sports? With Katie Nolan

    From the people who love anything and everything sports to the people who have never played sports in their life, the podcast Sports? With Katie Nolan is something for you.  Produced by ESPN, every week sports commentator and personality Katie Nolan talks about everything you need to know in sports and gives her sports-influenced take on pop culture. If you want to keep up with March Madness or just want to hear Nolan’s Bachelor draft picks, then tune in!

  4. 4. Skimm This

    If you want to stay engaged with current events but the idea of sitting and watching the news makes you cringe, this podcast is for you. Produced by theSkimm - a simple and easy-to-read news digest - Skimm This is a podcast that supplies listeners with a 10-minute recap of the most important stories of the day, and why they matter. Delivered to your podcast app at 5 pm every day of the week, this podcast is perfect for those who want to get the latest headlines simplified and on the go.

  5. 5. Pop Culture Happy Hour

    Have you ever felt out of the loop about the latest news in pop culture? The Pop Culture Happy Hour will keep you in the know. Produced by NPR, this podcast features fun and low-key chats about the latest in movies, television, books,  music, comic books, and more. You can keep up with the newest movies in theaters or even go back in time to the events in pop culture that you missed. From the royal wedding to the 2019 Oscars, Pop Culture Happy Hour will make you the most cultured person in your friend group.

We hope this article helps you find a great new podcast to listen to this spring!