A Model’s Photo Diary: College Fashion Week

I had the amazing opportunity to hit #TheRealRunway at Her Campus College Fashion Week NYC this year! I got my hair and makeup done, met some amazing fellow Her Campus contributors, and got some inspiration for my wardrobe for the season. Keep scrolling to see the day through my eyes…

11:30am: A quick stop at Starbucks for breakfast.

1:00pm: Arrived at the venue and ready for briefing.

1:30pm: Time for fittings

2:00pm: Break Time

3:00pm: Hair…

3:30pm: ...and Makeup

4:00pm: Photo Time!

5:00pm: VIP Hour (a.k.a. Before the Crowds Roll In)

6:45pm: Time to head backstage

7:00pm: Hit the runway!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this photo diary! You can keep up with more of my adventures on Instagram @bloomsista.

Images courtesy of author.