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Keep it Cleen, Guys

          Living in Manhattan, I’ve come to rely on my phone for just about everything. Navigation, scheduling meetings, looking up the best bakeries and capturing the memories of the beautiful city of New York and my time here at NYU. According to Business Insider, one in every five people in the world own a smart phone, and one in every seventeen own a tablet. With the rapid success of smartphones, thousands of apps have been created for owners to enhance their phone’s abilities. Among these thousands, the most popular are photo-related apps. According to a Forbes study in 2012, 82% of cell phone owners use their phones for taking photos. It was the most cell phone activity, above email, internet and even texting. And if you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to use your phone’s camera for all that it’s worth. With this said, I must admit: I am a photo hoarder.

           But living in a crowded dorm with my class, work and personal schedule piling on top of the other, I can always use a little boost in room and organization wherever I can. Each day I sift through hundreds of emails and stacks of papers, why should my personal life be the same? An answer to the call, I present an app called, “Cleen”, a fresh new app that cleans up your photo library as if it’s a game! Jane Hong, creator of this app as well as the widely popular tapsBook app (an app that creates photo books from your photos), combines usefulness with fun.  How it works is by the act of swiping. Simply swipe up to keep your favorite photo, swipe to the left to save for later and swipe down for photos that didn’t make the Instagram cut. For a visual representation, check out this video. It’s super easy and can be done in a New York minute. I’ve had the opportunity to preview the app before its launch, and within minutes shrunk my photo library from 7,000 photos (yeah, photo hoarder) to 5,500 on the subway ride to and from work, and I enjoyed doing it! I found photos from quite some time ago, and in a way I felt I was organizing my life, in a very compact, tangible way. What I really love about it though is that it’s relaxing way to go down memory lane, and keeps you under your storage limit so this way you have more room for, yes you guessed it, more photos! It’s a never-ending cycle, I know, but with this selfie revolution we’re living in, something like Cleen is just what we need. And in addition to all of this, it’s also free!  


            Cleen, alongside Hong’s tapsBook app, is now available on the app store for all O/s. A special thanks to creator Jane Hong for sharing her creation with Her Campus NYU! 

             What do you think, is it useful? Find this article relevant, interesting, boring, wonderful, terrible? Email Her Campus NYU at info@hercampus.com with your thoughts!


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