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How to Refresh Your Wardrobe For Fall

Looking for a little fashion refresh this fall? Here are the essential fashion know-hows to make sure this season’s wardrobe is on trend and as fancy as you are.

First, Know the Must-Haves:

THE Leopard-Print Skirt

We have ALL seen her. Your best friend. Your co-worker. Your mom. They all have the leopard-print skirt. What is your excuse? To not have one would be a fashion flop as you would be without this age’s living staple for the glorious, fierce women of our generation. 

Where to Buy: Zara, AliExpress or H&M

Shoes: The Chunky Sneaker

We know what you are thinking: Dad-Clown vibes. But, I say, give them a shot! Although you may not love them when you first try them on at your local Urban, a unique pair of FILA sneakers or shiny new pair of Buffalo’s may be the ultimate style update for your favorite mom jean when you get home.

Where to Buy: Nike, Urban Outfitters, or Finish Line

Wardrobe Update! Silky Pants

What is better than wearing practically pajamas to class? Nothing. I repeat, nothing. Swap out those old trousers for a pair of silky, fun pants this season, and you will be the most comfortable fashionista in class.

Where to Buy: Zara or H&M

Accessories: The Padded Headband

Yes, Blair Waldorf fans, your wildest dreams have come true. The padded headband is the newest accessory of the season, whether you wear it as the Yale-bound goodie, or as the bada** woman Blair inspires us to be.

Where to Buy: Etsy, Amazon and Nordstrom

The Sleek Carry-All

Looking for a fun new kind of school bag, without the bulk? Try a sleek carry-all. Forming to the body, the carry-all tote is the perfect accessory for the on-the-go student.

Where to Buy: COS, Nordstrom and Zara

Patchwork Jacket or Jeans

Okay, this one is great because it is a money saver. Refresh your old Levi's or a pair of blue jeans with some iron-on patches bought at Vintage Twin. It may be the perfect update for your closet, and it could cost less than $10!

Where to Buy: Vintage! DIY!

Next, try a new color - Lavender! Lavender! Lavender!

If you don't own something that is lavender, you must! This sensational new color is all the rage, fairing the brightest glow on all skin tones and personalities. As a pleasantry to all, buy it, whether it be a silky skirt, jacket, or mini bag.

Where to Buy: ANYWHERE!

Last, Walk Into a Store You Never Shop At, or Try Vintage!

One of the best ways to update your closet, is to add something old! Check out the list below to find the best vintage pieces and serve the ultimate retro fashions from our favorite decades. Platform boots from the 70s? Oversized leather jacket from the 80s? Ooo, or denim-on-denim, Paris Hilton vibes from the 90s?

The Best NYC Vintage Shops: See here.

We hope you enjoyed THE ultimate guide to fall fashion trends and that it inspired you to spice up your wardrobe this autumn. Happy shopping!

Junior at New York University, studying communications and business. Follow her style page @itsautsams.
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