How To Realistically Avoid The Freshman 15

Lets be realistic: gaining weight in college is a little bit inevitable. Between taking shots of cheap vodka and late night binge eating on Insomia Cookies (all good things, if we're being honest), it's easy to put on a few pounds you wouldn't have seen at home. While there's nothing wrong with our body changing as you get older, there are certainly ways that we college students can stay in the best shape we can purely for health reasons. It's impossible to give up the things that make college fun, so here are a few tips on ways you can have your cake and eat it too.

1. Take the stairs and walk everywhere.


Challenge yourself to take the stairs as often as possible. Reserve the elevator for times when you’re really in a hurry or seriously exhausted. Whether you’re walking to class or to your dorm, there is always a set of stairs available and you never have to wait in line for them! The best way to explore the city, I’ve discovered, is by foot. Next weekend, walk to Central Park! Scout out the route on your phone before you leave and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover all of the famous landmarks you’ll get to see along the way and all of the calories you’ll torch in the process.

2. WERK while you watch TV.

The cardio room in Palladium is fully equipped with treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals, and each one of them sports its own TV! Next time you are about to lie down in bed to stream your favorite show, check a TV guide and find out what time the live showing will be on. Then head over to the gym, plug in your headphones, and settle into both your stride and your show. You can find me there on Monday nights watching Dancing with the Stars, I mean, “working out.” ;)

3. Drink water!

We all know that water has zero calories and that one can of soda is loaded with bad-for-you sugar, but H20 has so many other health benefits that should not be overlooked.  It boosts your metabolism, helps with digestion, and energizes your muscles. To stay hydrated, always keep a reusable bottle with you and be sure to fill it up every time you pass by a water fountain or stop in a dining hall.

4. Find a workout buddy. 


Let’s be honest, we all find excuses to skip a workout, and going to the gym alone can definitely be intimidating. Having a friend to exercise with can motivate you and keep you from bailing out on those dreaded trips to the gym. Try going to yoga once a week. Or go to Palladium and work your abs by tossing a medicine ball back and forth with your friend while you each do sit-ups or Russian Twists. Synchronized lunges, squats, and glute bridges are a fun way to work the legs and tone your booty. The reward for when you’re finally done: meal-swipe sushi in Palladium’s dining hall!

5. Sleep, a lot.


​ Did you know that your body burns calories while you sleep?  Yep, over 50 calories an hour! Sleep isn’t just something you should resort to doing at three o’clock in the morning when your eyes can’t stare at the TV screen any longer.  Unless you have an actual reason to stay up late, get your butt to bed! Sleep gives your muscles and body the time they need to rest and recover. No one ever regrets a good night’s sleep, and we all love to sleep, so why not do it more?