How Can You Help During These Crazy Times

The world is a crazy place right now to say the very least. For most of us sitting at home, a common feeling is helplessness. Consequently, during these times uncertainty and anxiety levels have skyrocketed for all of us.. If this helplessness is inducing anxiety within you, do not worry, you are NOT alone. I have felt the exact same way and so have many others. One way to combat this is to assure that we feel like we are making a difference and there are many ways that you can help those around you. 

These are simple things you can do from the comfort of your home with minimal effort, but definitely make a difference to our community. While most of these can work within your local communities, some are aimed specifically at helping New York City,  unfortunately the hardest hit place and home to us in a time where it needs all the help it can get...

  1. Checking in on others

While this may appear obvious at first, it can help more than you know. A simple text or call can go a long way during this social distancing time where people can feel lonely and lost. With current circumstances, in-person interactions are bound to be limited but the power of technology beams at this time. A mere FaceTime call, Zoom call or even a phone call with friends, family and neighbors can help provide the support a lonely person may need. At this time, checking in on those you care about is more important than ever and it can help you see faces other than the ones you are quarantined with- a welcome change for all of us!

  1. Volunteering

Opportunities to volunteer online have popped up more recently. Neighborhoods usually via online platforms organize meetings to address communal needs, collecting funds or helping those in need. If your community has elderly members: offer to bring groceries for them and let them remain homebound during this time. Organisations like New York Cares are still connecting volunteers with opportunities like they have in the past, local versions of this can serve as a great starting point to help make a difference. 

  1. Donate

There’s a variety of organizations raising money to support those impacted by the pandemic created by the coronavirus. There will be several similar charities accepting donations within your local community but I have listed some within New York City during this time. The city has set up its own Emergency Relief Fund that is accepting donations and is probably the best place to donate to ensure resources like personal protective equipment (PPE) are provided to medical workers. Another avenue to donate to is to food banks within the city as they suffer financially right now and are unable to feed those who cannot afford it. There are several food banks that you can help such as Food Bank NYC, Feeding America, Food Pantries and many more that are only a search away. 

  1. A simple thank you

If you know any frontline medical workers that live around you, make sure to thank them and appreciate that they are putting themselves at risk during this time. If you have neighbors that are doctors or nurses, leave a box of cookies with a personalised note or simply just a note outside their door thanking them for everything they are doing for us. They deserve recognition for taking risks, working endless hours and putting others' needs before their own. With the help of other neighbors, clap and celebrate the frontline medical workers, they truly deserve every ounce of it!

This time is hard for everyone. Doing these simple things can not only give you the peace of mind you are looking for but also help those around you. Go ahead, it’s your turn to contribute in creating a happier place during this pandemic!