Her Campus NYU Gift Guide: For the Fashionista

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, but when you are tasked with finding the perfect gift for the ultimate fashionista, gift gifting can be quite the holiday stressor.

The fashionista in your life may be picky, pricey or even paranoid; that’s why I have put together this gift guide, tailored for every type of fashionista that may be on your holiday gift giving guide!

For the Fashionista that is…


Who Is She? This gift list is for the girl who loves everything avant garde. She is striving for the luxury top tier present, but that can put you in a pinch when you are looking for a Balenciaga gift on a Target price tag. These gifts will give your fashionista the ultimate luxury look, secretly without breaking your bank...

What To Give?

Prada iPhone Case

A phone case is an easy way to stick to the brand-lover guidebook, without hurting your purse strings. A fun print that matches your fashionistas personality adds the extra touch to let them accessorize, the way they love to!

Yves Saint Laurent : The 1971 Scandal Collection Book

***Consider This! Too scared to buy her something because it does not have the expected price tag, get her a coffee table book glorifying her favorite fashionista. Try this special edition scandal book from Saint Laurent for the ultimate lover of the avant garde…

The Beauty Snob

Who Is She? This gift guide is for the fashionista that loves all things BEAUTY. Whether it be the newest Kylie drop, or she owns every Naked palette, here are some holiday presents that probably are not in her beauty drawer yet...

What To Give?

SEPHORA Skin Wonderland Favorites Gift Set

Every holiday is marked by unbelievable beauty drops and gift sets, but this one is my absolute favorite and raved about by beauty lovers everywhere. It is Sephora’s Skin Wonderland Favorites. It really is that one gift that is for every YouTube beauty obsessed watcher and a sure bet that will make her happy!


Who Is She? Okay, everyone knows one. She prefect. She has it all. She wears it all. She can do vintage, the out of the ordinary, or the trendiest looks. She looks good in it all, but seems to have it all. So, what do you get her? Check out this list of some possibilities that will please even the perfect.

What To Give? 

Bee & Kin Rebel Bag

She probably doesn’t have this one, and if she does, then she is the ultimate perfect fashionista. This bag has an integrated light in it, so no more rummaging! Ultimate PERFECTION in a bag, so much that every girl needs one of these!


Who Is She? This type of fashionista is the kind who is paranoid over the latest trends. She always knows the latest fashions and seems to always be on the ball when it comes to fashion forecasting this season. This type of friend can be hard to buy for, especially when you are clueless to what’s currently in season, but we have made a list of everything the paranoid trend eater will be checking their list twice for this holiday...

What To Give?

Rag and Bone Marilyn Leather Baseball Cap

Always in style, this leather cap is the ultimate trendsetter for the winter season, but could easily be worn all year long! She is sure to love it!    

Mejuri Gold Dot Necklace

Not a hat person? That's okay, the other ultimate accessory perfect for anyone on-trend is jewelry. If you haven't already seen the ads all over instagram, it is a sure bet that your fashionista friend has for Mejuri! This gold dot necklace is perfect for your stylish friend!


Who Is She? Guilty AS CHARGED. This is me. My mom tells me all the time, “I’m not buying anything because I know it won’t be the right thing.” If the fashionista in your life is extremely picky like myself, check here for some of my favorites that I think satisfy every style girl...

What To Give?

Satin and Feather-Trimmed Pajama Set

The best thing you can get someone who is picky is pajamas, especially when they are picky about their clothes! Everyone needs to sleep and can use something comfy! Here is one of my favorite fashionista friendly pajama sets available this holiday!

Happy Gift Giving! 

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