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Girl Crush of the Week: Rocío de la Garza

Name: Rocío de la GarzaYear: 2015Major: FinanceHometown: Chihuahua, Mexico


Girl-crush Status:  There are women in business, then there are women in business.  Rocío de la Garza is the latter.  Born and raised in Mexico, there’s no denying this girl’s well-rounded (and ballsy) enough to take on the job market post-graduation.  From participating on the equestrian team to being a board member of the ballroom team, Ms. Garza has also held a finance intern position across the pond in London, and regularly frequents Starbucks in order to keep her constant energy constant.  She also damn well knows how to pose for photos.  Here’s what she has to say as this week’s girl-crush.   

HC NYU: Who are your personal girl crushes and why?RG: I have two: Beyoncé (as clichéd as that sounds) and Hilary Clinton. For Beyoncé, I mean just look at how much she has accomplished and she’s only in her thirties! But more than that though, what I like most about Beyoncé is that she’s kept her feet on the ground and uses her celebrity status for good causes. Hopefully I can be just like that when I’m older. For Hilary Clinton, I admire her so much for making a name for herself in a man’s world. I know we’re in the 21st century, but still most high-ranking positions are a boys’ club. It’s a huge inspiration to see everything Mrs. Clinton has done, especially since I’m trying to break into the finance industry, which still remains a huge boys’ club in the higher levels.

HC NYU: What characteristics do you find displayed in people of strength?RG: When I think of strong people I think of people who are very confident in themselves and sure of what they want. You can’t be strong if you don’t know what you’re fighting for.  [And] you must also respect yourself.

HC NYU: What about of weakness?RG: Can’t say this is something I think about very often, but I think most weaknesses steam out of insecurities. Just look at your regular bully: they’re usually some of the most insecure people!

HC NYU: How do you feel as a woman entering the business world?RG: I just went through summer recruitment and I can’t say I felt I was treated any different because I’m a woman.   But I can definitely say there are nowhere near as many women interested in breaking into it as men.

HC NYU: What opportunities do you find are open to you here as opposed to your home country (if any)?RG: There are just so many more opportunities here. I’m from Mexico, and first of all the finance industry is not as developed as it is in the US, which means there are much less entry level positions available. Second, over there, women in business is still somewhat of a new concept, and not a well integrated at that, making it harder to break into the industry. Even as an international student, it’s just so much easier here!

Along with hummus, coffee, and Jon Hamm, Claudia's interests also include writing. She wishes to pursue a career in the editorial world and has experienced several previous editorial internships. She is currently studying Media, Culture and Communications at N.Y.U. along with an Italian minor.
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