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Florence Given: The London-Based Artist You Should Be Following

Across the pond in London is an artist who has branded herself as a female figure of empowerment. Behind the Elton John sunglasses and the cheetah print coat stands a woman who uses art as an agent of social change. Florence Given has prioritized shedding light on the issues women face – from the male gaze to mixed feelings of self-worth – through a bold, zero-tolerance approach.

If you visit Given’s website, you’ll be greeted with a 70s logo and one of the many female figures Given has hand-drawn. Many of the drawings Given creates comprise of women with voluminous hair and retro jewelry, with text sitting alongside them as if they were speaking. The phrases these women “say” are always centered on motifs of empowerment, for the girl who may not see her shine or worth in our modern day.

Providing a creative approach to social change, Given utilizes Instagram, where she has 153,000 followers, as her primary platform to reach large audiences of women who share in her struggles. Through stories and posts, Given frequently reminds women of their worth, commonly preaching to never settle for unfulfilling relationships and to unleash themselves from the seemingly short strings society has them tied to. On some mornings, followers can see Given dancing around in her London flat to a playlist of 80s and 90s songs she has since shared on Spotify. Though simple in nature, posts like this illuminate Given’s confidence and radiate her willingness to be true to herself, a message she spreads to her followers.

Those who want to take part in sharing her message get the chance to do so through her online shop. Back in February, Given put an assortment of tote bags and tee-shirts for sale that had her art and the original-sayings she’s become synonymous with, like “it’s a wonderful day to dump him,” printed on them.

Through her art and confidence-driven voice of change, Given has given gender and social problems at-large a modern face. From videos of her dancing around her flat in the morning to photos of her roaming London in platform shoes and flared jeans, Florence Given continues to serve as a female figure of empowerment who will not slow down anytime soon.

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