“Fashion Is To Love" - Interview with Fashinnovation Co-Founder Jordana Guimaraes

“Fashion is to love.” That was the co-founder of Fashinnovation, Jordana Guimaraes’, short answer when I asked her what fashion means to her.

Acting as the basis of the organization’s ideology, Jordana has utilized love as the heart of any project she has pursued in life. Whether it be to help the homeless, or create an impact around sustainable brands, love is always at its center. 

The futuristic model of NYC @rockmadethat #fashion + #technology = LOVE

For Jordana, there is no way one cannot be into fashion. Because everyone wears clothes, she believes that fashion is a part of everyone’s life, and, with that, it cannot be ignored as an integral part of our future.With this center, she believes that fashion is the way to spread love, whether that be pertaining to nuance forms of sustainability, design or technology. 

Her company, Fashinnovation, encapsulates the very ideals that Jordana believes in, and love is at the very focus. Her beaming, optimistic personality is one that is only matched by the positive forecast she sets forth in her company. Fashinnovation connects entrepreneurs and innovators to create revolutionary change in the fashion industry, especially through technology. The networking capability of Fashionnovation can be supported by the Its honorable appreciation for new trends, brands and personas in fashion, in addition to creating a community of ingenuity in the two industries, has made it both distinctive and special to actually forging the kind of fashion future we dream for.

Jordana Guimaraes, co-founder of Fashinnovation, after moderating a panel titled “Fit For You,” in Milan, Italy. Panel also included incredible founders of Fashion Tech brands including @jaclynnbrennan of @estylar and @fayloromi of F.F.P Technologies. 

From the young age of eighteen years old, Jordana Guimaraes, always knew she wanted to be in the fashion industry. Now, with over 15 years in the fashion industry, not only has she learned a lot, but looks to fashion as the optimistic future of expression and technological pioneering. Her unique assessment of the intersection between technology and fashion showcases her creative entrepreneurial ability, but, more importantly, her desire to give back to the industry she has always loved.

Jordana got her start in fashion by first holding the conventional retail positions, before finally making her way into public relations. Very quickly though, her incredibly compassionate spirit lead her to philanthropic projects, especially surrounding homlessness. Growing up in Brazil, Jordana, had grown up seeing the heartache of poverty. This experience helped pave the way for what would become her greatest “give back” project to the fashion industry. 

After meeting her husband, and now other co-founder of Fashinnovation, Marcelo Guimaraes, the pair found that they shared a similar interest in social awareness. Seeing that the industry was changing a lot, they took advantage of the industry’s excitement, opening their first Fashinnovation event in September of 2018. With over thirty speakers from companies, such as NASA, IBM and the United Nations, the panel covered a dynamic discussion between sustainability, empowerment, and inclusion, both in tech and in fashion. 

Due to the success of the first event, the conferences to follow have scaled over eighty speakers from brands like Google, Farfetch, Levi’s and Refinery29. Attendees of the conferences range from young collectives to alumni, influencers, and CEO’s. Jordana’s ideal about Fashinnovation can be surmised as this:

“We want to grow a community of like minded individuals who believe that through collaboration, one grows and flourishes… and with the way the fashion industry is evolving through innovations and technologies, those two industries must always be conversing, in order to always keep ahead of the curve. We are hoping to facilitate that via FASHINNOVATION”.

This February, Fashinnovation, will be hosting another FashionTech speaker series. The event will be held on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020, and will include speakers, ranging in topic like women empowerment, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and innovation. Learn more about the event here.

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#FASHINNOVATOR Jason Naylor at Fashinnovation’s 1st event on Sept. 2018, sharing Art + Love - Fashion Is to Love. 

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