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Easy and Unique Movie Character Costumes for Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NYU chapter.

To my folks (like me) who totally forgot that Halloween is approaching, have no fear! I present you, simple costumes that you can create with items from the back of your wardrobe that are not basic that I’m sure would make people look twice on Instagram!

red haired witch saying I'll put a spell on you
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Mirage from The Incredibles 

The Incredibles was one of my favorite childhood movies to watch. And when the sequel came out, you bet that I watched it in theatres. Even though Halloween costumes for The Incredibles have been well overplayed, I think that there is one underrated character: Mirage. I must say, she was not a very memorable character as she did not have a lot of screen time, BUT she is one of the most chic looking characters in the movie, besides Edna of course. This costume will have people looking over at you twice.

Terminator from The Terminator

If you really don’t have a costume idea, or are invited to a very last minute Halloween party (social distanced party!), this is the perfect costume for you. This really takes little to no effort and everything is within reach of the back of your wardrobe. Just throw on an all black leather ensemble with black sunglasses and you are set!

Morticia Addams from The Adam’s Family 

This look goes out to all my girls who are not fans of wearing color. This is the perfect costume for you. I completely understand you. It’s Halloween and we are stuck inside because of Covid-19 –what better way to mourn for the loss of Halloween than to sit at home and watch a movie well dressed to the nines like Morticia Addams?!

Cher from Clueless 

I feel like when most people think of Clueless, they think of Cher in her yellow plaid blazer and skirt set. Yes, that outfit was iconic, but what I think is more iconic was the scene where she came down wearing a white minidress from Calvin Klein. Nothing is more on trend than a ‘90s look!

Carrie Bradshaw from The Carrie Diaries 

I wanted to change it up a bit with this one. Carrie Bradshaw has always been a fashion icon for me, from the numerous pairs of Manolos that she owns to the infamous designer bags on the show. But to the younger generation that wants to revamp the clothing that was worn on the show for a more modern twist, I suggest taking inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries. The Carrie Diaries is a show suited more so for the younger generation who have never watched Sex and the City. This show is about young Carrie Bradshaw and how she landed her fashion position that she holds in Sex and the City.

If you have any other unique Halloween looks or if you recreate any of these outfits tag me on IG (@rens.nyc)!

Serena is a senior editor for the NYU campus. She is a rising senior studying economics and psychology. Her interests besides writing for Her Campus are keeping up with the latest high fashion trends as well as testing new beauty products. If you have any questions or just want to chat, hit her up on Instagram/TikTok @rens.nyc
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