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Is this a date? Or an interview?


Smooth your dress, check your make-up, and stand straight. You have all the right qualities, and now you just need to get this other person to realize you are the best choice for this position.

Even as I type this, I'm not sure whether I am talking about a date, or an interview. Nowadays, is there really a difference? After going through several websites, trying to see the similarities and differences between interviews, and dating, well I admit it was hard to separate the both.

1. Apply everywhere
In this competitive society, it is best to apply to as many internships as possible. Chances are half of those will turn into interviews, and then less than half of those will turn into offers. So apply, apply, apply! The same goes for dating. Now, I am not saying throw yourself on everyone, but if you are trying out online dating sites, try more than one, because this will give you more options. Be open to dating different "types" of people. You never know who may call to offer you an interview, I mean date.

2. Make Contact
When it comes to the actual interview, make sure to make eye-contact. Give a firm handshake. Keep the contact at all times. But don't go overboard. Blink, or else the interviewer/date may get the wrong idea.  Crack a smile, or two!

3. Outfit Matters
Hopefully, you checked what you’re wearing. Unfortunately, looks do matter when it comes to getting an internship, and a date. Dress is to impress is a cliché for a reason.

4. Research (sort of)
This one is kind of tricky (and the first difference!). Nowadays, the internet makes it so easy to research on companies, and people. Make sure to do your research on the company, and share what you found interesting during your interview. But on your date, try to not share what you researched. If they didn't share on their public profile a detail it took you about two hours to find, it will come off as kind of stalkerish.

5. Talk about your interests
Tell the interviewer about how their company falls in line with your own personal interests. Why would they be good for you, and vise versa. On your date, share about what makes you, well you! When an interviewer/date see you passionate about a hobby/interest, it gets them curious as to why you are. Share!

6. Have Questions
But also be ready to listen, and ask questions. The biggest mistake during internship interviews is not having any questions prepared. Interviewers want to see that you fully prepared and this goes back to doing your research. Was there something specific that you found fascinating? Can they explain the XYZ project to you? What does an average day in the office look like? The same goes with dating. Don't make this a one-sided conversation. Ask them about their interests. Have them share a funny story. Listen to them, and pick up on topics that you want them to explain a bit more. It will show them that you really do care about what they have to say.

7. Heed the Warning Signs
Whether it be an interview or date, listen to your gut. If you get the feeling this internship won't make you happy, withdraw from the process after the interview with a simple, "No, thank you" email. The same goes with dating. Don't settle for anything you don't want.

8. Follow-Up
Send a thank-you email!!! Send a text telling them how much fun you had!!! Don't. Wait. For. Them. To. Do. It. First.

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