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Celebrating Women in Our Community: Sarina Mittal

When she is not forking some yummy alfredo at New York’s most famous Italian eateries (just check out her instagram!), or getting her groove on at House of Movement on weekends, Sarina Mittal is running New York University’s Association of Women in Communications.

Originally from New Delhi, Sarina Mittal always had her heart set on moving to New York. After choosing to attend NYU as a politics major in the College of Arts and Science, she now studies consumer behavior and data analytics at Gallatin. Her relationship with the Association of Women in Communications, however, has remained a constant since her freshman year, when she joined as a general member interested in communications. With her ambition getting the best of her, Sarina quickly became a part of the association’s e-board her sophomore year as treasurer.

When Sarina started as a WIC member, Annie Tressler was the president. Tressler now works at The New York Times, but Sarina’s early menteeship with Tressler inspired her to get more involved in the club, seeing the opportunities that women in communications can afford. From acting as treasurer to now president, Sarina leads one of the only communication clubs for women on campus. What originally drew Sarina into WIC her freshman year was her desire to be involved on campus and make new friends. Most importantly though, Sarina wanted to involve herself with a group that shares like-minded interests. 

Sarina aims to hold this same ambition at the center of the club, connecting with the other women on campus and empowering them through informative events, panels and networking platforms. When asked about her favorite part of WIC, Sarina commented, “I love this club because of the amazing women that I get to work with, the dope panelists that I get to invite {to events] and, ultimately, to form connections with important people.” Additionally, “Being in an environment where I can mentor others as well as learn from them is inspiring!” 

As an ambitious woman herself, Sarina strives to embody women empowerment on an everyday basis by “taking charge of her day.” This means working hard toward her goals, which include finding a job after graduation in either consulting or research. Eager to explore the world, Sarina hopes that in ten years she will be leaving a role as a retail consultant, in order to start something of her own. However, above all, Sarina looks to continue a career path that aims to support and mentor all the women in her life, who share this determined character.

Outside of WIC, Sarina is involved in the Fashion Business Association, which allows her to explore her passion for fashion. As Vice President of Operations, she loves to organize events for the club. Recently, she put together a panel with a sustainable sneaker company called “Thousand Fell,” where she also interns this semester. Being able to provide the people at NYU who have an interest in fashion, entrepreneurship and sustainability access to these amazing networks of people is not only inspiring, but one of the things Sarina most enjoys about being a leader in both clubs.

When Her Campus had a chance to sit down with Sarina on the topic of International Women’s Day, Sarina was able to share some insight on the women who have inspired her. One of those women included Suhani Jalota, the founder of the Myna Mahila Foundation (https://mynamahila.com/) in Southern India. Jalota provides access to sanitary pads to women in urban slums and local communities. Also amongst her icons is Eva Chen, the Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram, which also happens to be Sarina’s dream job. Jalota and Chen both stand as “powerhouses in their own right,” constantly “working to champion women in their communities and around the world,” noted Sarina. 

All in all, Sarina Mittal is one of the extraordinary women NYU has on campus. Being able to juggle presidency, school and operations for FBA, Mittal’s exemplary efforts to connect women around New York is inspiring. On one final note I’ll share that best summarizes Mittal is her favorite mantra, “What do I have to lose?” 

Always looking to challenge herself, and the amazing women around her, she always reminds herself that she is the very best version of herself. Confident. Aspiring. Determined and kind. 

Sarina Mittal Contact Information

President of the Association of Women in Communications

Instagram @sarina.mittal

Email: [email protected]


Junior at New York University, studying communications and business. Follow her style page @itsautsams.
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