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As we approach the end of finals, it’s time to head home and take a well-deserved break from school. Whether your plans include catching up with hometown friends or traveling to a picturesque destination, one of the best ways to relax during break is by nestling up in bed and watching a holiday classic. From the family-favorite Christmas Vacation to the heart-wrenching Love Actually, this list satisfies all of your holiday needs!

Christmas Vacation (1989)

If you haven’t watched the Chevy Chase classic, you’re missing out. In this 1980s film, all Clark Griswold wants is an authentic family Christmas. From chopping down his own Christmas tree to hosting extended family, this film will have you laughing at how frustrating the holiday season can be at the hands of those we love most.

Love Actually (2003)

While it doesn’t have to be December to enjoy the film that pulls at our heartstrings the most, it’s definitely a fitting time to watch Hugh Grant kiss his love interest at an elementary school winter program. With a cast full of well-known faces, ranging from Emma Thompson to Keira Knightley, this heartfelt film reminds us of the love that surrounds us despite it sometimes going unnoticed.

The Christmas Contract (2018)

Calling all One Tree Hill fans! This new Lifetime film, despite it not being a classic, is one you need to check out this season. You’ve seen the memes about a businesswoman straight out of New York falling for a hometown hunk despite her being engaged, but what makes this film different is that it stars the cast of One Tree Hill. Cast members include Hilarie Burton, Antwon Tanner, Robert Buckley, Danneel Ackles, and Tyler Hilton, making the film an unofficial One Tree Hill reboot! The film centers on main character, Jolie, heading home with frenemy, Jack, hoping to make an ex-beau jealous. Though many may find its storyline cliché, you may find it enjoyable to see P. Sawyer return to screen alongside her other Tree Hill pals.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

The gang’s back together again in this December classic. Rather than being stuck in suburban Illinois however, Kevin ventures to New York City and finds himself running into his old pals, Harry and Marv. What’s neat about this holiday classic is that many filming locations are recognizable to New York residents and students. Aside from the more obvious landmarks Kevin visits like the tree at Rockefeller Center, places like Columbia’s Teachers College are utilized throughout the film in smaller, less prominent scenes.

The Grinch (2000)

Lastly comes a holiday classic that transcends all age limits. From listening to teachers read a Dr. Seuss favorite as children, to relating to the Grinch’s not wanting to go out because he can’t find the right outfit, this film never fails to satisfy both your nostalgic and comedic needs. Better yet, a new, animated version of the film is out in theaters now!

We hope your holidays are just as cozy and magical as these big screen master pieces!

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