An All-Natural Brand For Your Beauty and Juicing Needs

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As a health enthusiastic and smoothie-lover, I was thrilled to try out Kaeng Raeng's all natural, gluten free, and Non-GMO cleanse. Kaeng Raeng, which means "Be Healthy. Be Strong" in Thai, is a detox program that rejuvenates and empowers those who commit to the program. The brand's classic cleanse includes three different mouth-watering flavors: ‘Joyful,’ ‘Daybreak,’ and ‘Into the Blue.’ While drinking powdered freeze-dried fruits seems daunting and unappealing, the right amount of water and rigorous blending create a surprisingly filling and energizing drink. This isn't the type of cleanse you just pick up at a store - with these powders, you can customize it with any fruit or milk you have at home, allowing you to maximize any smoothie preferences you may have. The cleanse packets come available in one day (the trial round) for $29.95 and up to six days for $129.95. I started with one day's worth, plainly mixed with water, just to try it out.


Glai Roong "Daybreak"

Flavors: Mango, Peach, Pineapple

Once blended with water, the powder transform into a pale yellow liquid with a gritty texture. My least favorite of the three packets, “Daybreak” has a slight oatmeal flavor and a consistency that made me feel as if I were drinking liquid dust.

Reunn "Joyful"

Flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple

This smoothie is a beautiful burgundy color with a thick consistency. It has a burst of strawberry flavor that is tasty and refreshing.

Juu Juu "Into the Blue"

Flavors: Blueberry, Banana

Despite its name, “Into the Blue” is actually a rich dark purple color. It’s smooth consistency and delicious fruity taste make it my favorite of the three.

After three difficult, but somewhat satisfying days, I finally finished my juice cleanse. I definitely felt light, clean, energized, and infinitely proud that I actually stuck to such a strict regime. I am slightly upset that I ran out of the miraculous powder, but am so thrilled that I can now return to my diet of potato chips and dining hall food.

In the meantime, here are some other Kaeng Raeng products reviewed by Her Campus NYU staffers:

Daily Green Energy

"If Welcome Week's activities had you running on empty and power-naps aren't quite doing the trick, boost your day with Kaeng Raeng's innovative Green Energy powder. Their vegan, soy, gluten, caffeine, and peanut-free mix is loaded with pea protein and nutrition from 12 fruits and vegetables. I tried their energy powder by mixing it with 8-12 oz water (they also recommend mixing it with smoothies and juices). It has a mild, fruity, and slightly tart taste with an energizing effect perfect for pre-workout or post cleanse. Be sure to mix vigorously; otherwise you'll get a gritty consistency. I enjoyed mine with fruit for breakfast and found it filling unlike lots of other mixes. Stay healthy and energized during flu season and grab a packet which starts at $6!" - Maz Do, NYU '19


Detoxfoliant Body Scrub

"As a beauty junkie, I know that body scrubs are essential for exfoliating dead skin off. This body scrub smells delicious (lavender and vanilla - helllloo!), and instantly put me at ease when I used it - I felt like I was at a fancy spa as opposed to my own dingy bathtub. After a good scrub down, this left my legs smooth and soft and ready for all the back-to-school skirts I had planned. Be warned, though: because of its all natural properities, it leaves behind an oily residue. It'll definitely moisturize your skin, but I would suggest lathering up with some more soap post use. You can purchase it here for $36." - Madison Fraser, NYU '17

Products courtesy of Kaeng Raeng