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9 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Definitely Appreciate

It’s that time of year where you have to find a Mother’s Day gift. You’re panicking—you want to buy your mom the extravagant gift that she deserves for raising you. The pressure is on to make something mind-blowingly creative for her, but you’re not really sure what or how. Have no fear! These super cute DIY gifts are easy to make, and will most definitely put a smile on her face. As an added bonus, these are gifts that you would even love. After all, it’s the thought and effort that counts!

1. Mason Jar Sewing Kits

These sewing kits are incredibly easy to make, and are something that your mom will most definitely put to good use! Not only are they convenient, but the mason jar itself adds a really nice retro flair to the gift. If you want, you can even add a personalized label around the lid, and use some twine string as a finish for an old-fashioned feel. These jars can even be portable too, so if your mom ever needs a cheap sewing kit when she’s out, she would have these in handy. For an extensive, but easy tutorial, click here!

2. Bath Bombs

Let’s face it—all moms deserve some luxurious pampering. With that in mind, using these DIY bath bombs will feel like a soothing spa day for her. I’m always a little cautious when it comes to using store-bought bath bombs because I don’t know what kind of chemical concoctions and artificial colors are used, but that’s obviously not the case for your homemade ones. You’ll know that these are safe to use since they are made from natural ingredients hand-picked by yourself. To add, you can customize these gifts based on your mom’s favorite scents. To learn how to make lavender-scented bath bombs, click here.

3. Pebble Bath Mat

In keeping with the “spa day” theme, these mats add a cool, relaxed vibe to the bathroom. When she comes out of the shower, she will adore how the rocks feel under her feet. And of course you don’t have to go out fishing for rocks in the city. You can find a cheap back of decorative rocks and pebbles at any dollar store. So convenient.

4. Lavender Milk Baths

Everyone knows that Cleopatra used to bathe herself in milk, so there’s no reason why your mom shouldn’t use these soothing milk baths since she’s obviously a queen too (after all, she gave birth to you.) If you really want to impress your mom, you can even use some dried lavender! They are not difficult to find since you can find them in most arts and crafts store. But if you don’t have time, lavender essential oils are just as effective (can be found at the Whole Foods Store in Union Square.) For a tutorial, click here.

5. Scrubs

Everyone loves face scrubs, and everyone knows exfoliation is a must. Your mom will absolutely fall in love with these lightly scented scrubs. The best part is that you can make a multitude of different scrubs in little jam jars that she can try out. These are so easy to make since most of the ingredients can be found in the kitchen. If you really want to make your mom’s heart warm and fuzzy, make a small recipe book for her that includes all the steps to make various scrubs. That way if she runs out after (which she surely will), she can make them all over again.The blog, Crunchy Moose, includes links to recipes that teach you how to make an energizing lemon honey sugar scrub, a nourishing coconut oil and sugar facial scrub, a sugar and salt scrub and many, many more!

6. Paper Flowers

Flowers are always the way to go if you are running low on time. They’re classic, pretty, and cheap. But we have all faced the problem when your mom calls three days after Mother’s Day and tells you that they’re already wilting. Paper flowers are the answer this year. Not only do they add an alternative twist, but they’re actually fun to make. Once you make these, you can stick them in a nice glass vase for a finishing touch. The most important thing is that they’ll actually last this year.

7. Chalkboard Plant Pots

These cute little terracotta plant pots will brighten up anyone’s day. If your mom likes to garden and cook, she will really appreciate these since they serve both purposes. You can label the pots, and fill them with herbs that she uses in her everyday cooking so that she’ll have a convenient mini garden right in her kitchen. If she isn’t much of a culinary connoisseur, these can still be filled with her favorite flowers instead.

8. Photo Magnets

If you want to give your mom a much more sentimental and nostalgic present, then photo magnets are the way to go. Every time she uses the fridge, she will always be reminded of those preschool and elementary days. And let’s face it—the fridge could use some decorations since it’s always the aesthetic buzzkill of the kitchen. The downside to this project is that it requires a bit of scavenging around. You can try finding some old pictures of you as a kid and your mom together. (You might not have them on hand, but chances are that you have old family photos saved on your laptop or have brought them with you to college.)

9. Silhouette Botanical Canvas

Botanical canvases add a clean, tasteful touch to an otherwise boring wall. The best thing is that you can customize  the canvases based on your mom’s favorite color schemes and patterns. These canvases can really tie any room together by bringing a bit of nature indoors.

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Hannah Song is a freshman at NYU Steinhardt currently studying Media, Culture, and Communications. Ever since she was little, she has always been a movie buff. In the future, she hopes to become a successful casting director for major film and television companies.  She is also a self-declared Disney fanatic, and most likely seen singing her heart out to The Little Mermaid. 
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