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6 Tips for the Perfect Zoom Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to a break from school. Just because friend groups may be separated by distance, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate together! To make that celebration run a bit more smoothly, here’s six tips on how to have the perfect Zoom Friendsgiving!

1. Set a date

Coordinating schedules to hang out with friends is always a bit difficult, and even more so when you can’t see each other physically to be reminded. Have everyone in the group share when they’re free (and you’ll probably want to scratch off Thanksgiving day).

2. Pick a host

Decide in advance who is in charge of creating the room and inviting everyone so there’s no confusion on the designated day.

3. Come up with the menu

To really get the feeling of togetherness going, decide on a menu so you’re all eating the same thing. The easiest way to do this would be for everyone to order food from the same place. A cheaper– and more interactive– option is for everyone to set up their cameras and cook a meal together; see which of you becomes Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen and whose mashed potatoes go up in flames!

4. Set the vibes

Set the mood with music or funky Zoom backgrounds! Consider setting a theme for the event and creating a collaborative playlist on the streaming platform of your choice; you could also match your Zoom backgrounds to the theme and vote on the best one at the end of the night.

5. Have an activity for while you eat

While just chatting is fun enough, there’s no harm in coming up with some activities to keep the fun going. Here’s a few suggestions

Watch a movie! 

  • If you choose this one, make sure to optimize for video sharing in Zoom settings so you can avoid any annoying lagging.

​Play a game!

  • There’s lots of multiplayer online games to choose from, but here’s a few ideas to get you going: Among Us, Skribbl.io, Heads Up!, All Bad Cards (an online version of Cards Against Humanity), and Plato (a catalogue of multiplayer games).

PowerPoint presentations on random topics!

  • This trend has been all over TikTok and gives you a chance to talk uninterrupted about whatever you’d like! Each person can give a 5 minute presentation on literally anything– be it Larry Stylinson, your favorite character in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, why Christopher Columbus sucks, or one specific episode of SpongeBob; the possibilities are (quite literally) endless!

A technical difficulties drinking game!

  • Technical difficulties are inevitable; why not make them fun? Take a sip (or a shot) every time someone accidentally talks over another and goes through that whole “you go… no you go… ok so I-… no you can go” thing (you know what I’m talking about).

  • If you’re under 21, you can still play this game with a non-alcoholic beverage!

6. Have fun!

As cheesy as it sounds, just have fun with it! None of these tips are necessary to have a Zoom Friendsgiving; all you really need is friends and food, in whatever shape these things take. Enjoy your time with each other and be thankful that despite the distance, you have loved ones to share your time with. Have a great holiday season, everyone!

Hi! My name is Monique Ezeh and I attend NYU, where I’m majoring in Politics with a double minor in Creative Writing and Journalism. I’ve long considered myself a storyteller and a self-proclaimed “truth-teller” (as pretentious as that sounds). I write about many things, some lighthearted and some not, but my passion for activism influences much of my work. When I'm not writing, you can probably find me binging movies under Netflix's "cerebral" tag, crying about Audre Lorde, or baking banana bread (or all 3-- I can multitask)! You can check out some of my work at https://linktr.ee/moniqueezeh !
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