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5 Unexpected Restaurants You Can Use Campus Cash At

You may think that your Campus Cash is just for doing laundry and buying things at CVS and the Quick Stop, but NYU has partnered with some amazing restaurants that now take your Campus Cash. Here are some of my personal favorites!

by Chloe

  • 185 Bleecker Street
  • 5/5 stars
  • Best items on the menu: Mac and cheese, guac burger, pumpkin spice cupcake


This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in the village. The staff is so lovely and welcoming, and the manager Robert and I have become good friends. Though it may get really crowded and hard to find seats, the wait is so worth it. Founded by Cupcake Wars champion Chloe Coscarelli, the food is all vegan and super delicious! You feel so nourished after your meal. This is also a celeb sighting hotspot and attracts people like Anna Kendrick and Miley Cyrus (who I met!).

Vive la Crepe

  • 61 E 8th St
  • 4.5/5 stars
  • Best items on the menu: Tomato, mozzarella and basil crepe, Nutella crepe


This place is amazing! Though their crepes are quite expensive, Nutella crepes are half off on Tuesdays and their app has a rewards program so you can earn free crepes. Plus, you get a lot for your money. Their crepes are large and very filling, and they are wrapped up perfectly to go. Definitely check this place out for breakfast or lunch in between classes.

5 Napkin Burger

  • 150 E 14th St
  • 5/5 stars
  • Best items on the menu: Original 5 Napkin burger (gruyere, caramelized onions, rosemary aioli), chicken and waffles


Super close to Third North, Palladium and UHall, 5 Napkin is the perfect getaway restaurant for when you want to escape the dining hall. Again, a bit pricey for burgers, but they don’t call it 5 Napkin Burger for nothing. Also, they serve sushi and have a slider happy hour! What can get better than that? This is definitely the place to go with a ton of friends or bring the family to when they visit.

City of Saints Coffee Roasters

  • 79 E 10th St
  • 4/5 stars
  • Best items on the menu: Espresso and coffee, croissants


The first thing that struck me about this cafe was its ambiance. The interior design and atmosphere is so modern and serene, I could spend all day in here studying and drinking coffee. It’s in quite a secluded and quiet part of the city, making it a nice place to escape for a while. Plus, their coffee is bomb.

Pushcart Coffee

  • 83 3rd Ave
  • 5/5 stars
  • Best items on the menu: Lavender almond milk latté, their daily, different homemade muffins and cookies


This is my go-to coffee stop after a morning class or late sleep in. I always get a large hot lavender unsweetened almond milk latté, which I know sounds like the most typical white girl Starbucks order, but trust me it is so delicious and tastes like happiness in a cup. The staff is so nice. They always ask me how I am doing, how school is going and we get into really lovely conversations. They also make their own pastries every morning, and their muffin flavors are to die for.

Photo credits: Instagram @laurensimonsays, @natchitwood, @nomboston

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