4 NYC Foodies You Need to Follow Now

Thinking about food? Well you aren’t alone; the anticipation of our next meal is always on our minds. Not to mention that we live in New York City and are surrounded by some of the most delicious foods in the world. Anytime our friends and family come to visit, they expect us to take them to impressive restaurants, cute cafes and just whip out the best slice of pizza imaginable. It’s a lot of pressure. Or maybe you want to treat yourself to a weekend brunch outside of Palladium for a change, but don’t know where to start. Thankfully, there are loads of Instagram accounts out there dedicated to finding and sharing the best food that New York has to offer, and we’ve narrowed down some of the most mouthwatering ones.


The bio reads “best food in NY with the cutest babies in NY,” and we couldn’t agree more. Mike Chau is the photographer/food baby daddy who travels all throughout the state of New York, instagramming his eats along the way. What makes his account so unique is the fact that he brings along his son (the original food baby) and newborn daughter, always featuring either one if not both of them in his photos. So if you like food, babies, or both, then you should definitely check out this account.


This one gets the award for most photogenic food. Gillie, a writer for Yahoo Food, has a knack for photography and an incredible job where she’s surrounded by treats all day long, so there’s never a shortage on posts. Not only that, but she is super witty and if you take just a quick peek at her profile picture you’ll understand what we mean. One time she even opened up her comments section for a Q&A and answered every question from where to get the best bagels to how to take a good food pic. Our question: can we please be best friends?


New York University…New Fork University…need we say more? It’s another account featuring high quality pictures of even higher quality food that you should follow right now if you aren’t already.


This one is a perfect round up of the food scene in New York City. It reposts all of its pictures, meaning that the possibilities are truly endless since there aren’t the annoying limitations of a full stomach or an empty wallet. It showcases the best eats that New York City has to offer and with a little effort, maybe you can be featured!

The most important aspect of a food Instagram page is that it TAGS the locations! There’s nothing worse than getting your heart and appetite set on something only to be left in the dark, wondering where in the world you can get your hands on that dish. Thankfully, these accounts would never do that to you.