4 Apps to Keep You on Track for #FinalSZN

It’s that time of the semester. We’re so close, but yet so far from summer break that it’s getting a bit harder to focus on classes. That’s where these apps step in. Instead of scrolling for hours through Instagram and Twitter, pop open these open to keep you on track.

1. Pocket Points


This app may not prevent you from scrolling through Facebook on your laptop, but it definitely gives you an incentive to stay off of your phone during class. When you get to class, just open the app then lock your phone to start earning points towards discounts for clothing, food, room decor, and more. If you exit the app you’ll stop earning points, so focus on the lecture and you’ll be on your way to savings city!

2. Quizlet

You probably used this in high school if you were trying to master a new language, but this flashcard app is a great study tool for any class. If you’re feeling a little lazy, try searching for the subject you’re studying in the app. A lot of times other students have already created flashcard sets so you won’t have to spend the time to make your own. It’s a win for you because you can easily pull out your phone to study for a few minutes at a time throughout the day, and it’s a win for the environment too since you’re going paperless.

3. Calm/Headspace


These are two apps, but they both serve a similar purpose. Both the Calm app and Headspace help you to clear your mind through meditation, which is super helpful when all you can think about is how many equations you still have to memorize for that calc test. Headspace has a guided meditation for pretty much anything you could think of from anxiety to waking up in the morning, although some are not free. In addition to guided meditations, the Calm app (which NYU provides to students for free) also has masterclasses and ASMR stories.

4. Sleep Cycle

We’re not going to guarantee that you’ll get your full 8 hours this #FinalSZN, but we will share an app that makes it a bit easier to get up for class. You’re probably already sleeping with your phone in the bed anyway, so set an alarm on the Sleep Cycle app and let it work it’s magic. The app monitors your movement throughout the night to determine when you’re most awake during your sleep cycle. Then the alarm goes off in the morning during your most wakeful moment within the half hour before the time you set. This way you feel more refreshed instead of groggy when it’s time to get out of bed.

We hope these apps give you the boost you need to finish off the semester strong. Good luck with #FinalSZN!