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10 Things to Do and See This Spring in NYC

New York City, an ever-changing metropolis. As the seasons change, so do the shows, arts, and entertainment offerings that call the city home. Anxious to put our snow boots and parkas away, here are ten recommendations of things to do and see this spring.

1. “David Bowie Is” at the Brooklyn Museum

Take a look into David Bowie’s personal archive! This exhibit has been on an international tour for the past five years, and its final show is right here at the Brooklyn Museum from March 2 to July 15. You can purchase tickets online, but be sure to grab one soon – they’re selling out fast!

2. “Angels in America” on Broadway

Highly recommended, “Angels in America” is definitely one of the must-see shows this spring season. It is currently having preview shows and will soon begin its official performance schedule, but only until June 30 as reported by NYC Go. Insider tip: their rush tickets are a pretty sweet deal!

3. Baseball

There’s nothing that marks the beginning of spring as strongly as baseball season. Whether you’re a fan or not, going to a game is always a fun experience, and NYC has great teams to cheer for. Be it the Yankees or Mets, and even NYU’s own baseball team, iced lemonade and Cracker Jacks under the sun are always a good idea.

4. Brunch

Yes, one can have brunch over winter as well, but it’s not the same as when you sit on a terrace or a rooftop garden and enjoy a late breakfast in the sunshine. Everything just seems to taste better when the weather is warmer. Around the Village and up by Central Park, the options are endless. Spring is the perfect time to find a new brunch spot and temporarily ditch your ordinary coffee shop around the corner.

5. Coney Island

Picture a college-aged version of The Sandlot with your friends. This is Coney Island. Taking a break from school to enjoy ice cream, cotton candy, and amusement park rides at Coney Island is an awesome way to welcome the warm weather in New York City.

6. Central Park

Central Park is beautiful at any point of the year, and one of the most iconic and loved aspects of the life of a New Yorker is watching the park change through the seasons – it never ceases to amaze us city-dwellers. This upcoming spring, Central Park will be offering sunrise yoga classes, Amazing Race-style scavenger hunts, catch-and-release fishing, guided group runs, and more.

7. Hudson River Park Games and Healthy on the Hudson Series:

Hudson River Park welcomes spring with its fourth annual fundraiser “Hudson River Park Games” on May 19. At the Games Village on Pier 26, you can find free healthy activities, live music, and more. Known as the “unofficial kickoff” to the “Healthy on the Hudson” series, this event marks the start of a season of free fitness classes, including yoga and spinning, that will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer in the West Village.

8. Mad. Sq. Eats

Brace yourself, the Mad. Sq. outdoor food fest is back! From May 5 to June 1, this biannual event settles in at Madison Square Park for the first time in 2018. Chilling parkside under the shade, and feeling the rare but existent New York breeze while tasting buzzworthy food has never sounded so appetizing.

9. Tribeca Film Festival

One of the coolest perks of living in New York City is getting a chance to see previews and great works of art along with the people who produced them. This year, the Tribeca Film Festival runs from April 18 to 29. Film lovers are already excited for a “Scarface” reunion and its 35th anniversary screening, as well as a 25th anniversary and screening of “Schindler’s List.” Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Foxx, and John Legend, are just a handful of the participants on this year’s Tribeca Talks series.

10. Shakespeare in the Park

When the weather heats up, it seems like most people hit the parks of NYC. The Public Theater is no exception. This year, their Shakespeare in the Park summer event returns with two free shows: Othello from May 29 to June 24, and Twelfth Night from July 17 to August 19. Tickets can be won in many different ways, so keep an eye out!

We hope this guide inspires you to take advantage of all of the amazing offerings within our awesome city this upcoming spring. Whether you are interested in art, film, sports, or just want to find ways to get outside and enjoy nature in this concrete jungle, New York City definitely has something for you.

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