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10 Signs You Were a ’90s Kid

If you are like me, you understand that the early 2000s, for a ‘90s kid, was a time of hilarious extremes. From the “punk-rock”-esque studded pink plaid and ties with button downs—hello Avril Lavigne phase—to the more girly, Hilary Duff days. Early 2000s style was exciting and unpredictable. Oh, and so was the food.

1. Sour Altoids

TBT to 2004, when tins of arguably the greatest hard candy ever were created. Forget Sour Patch Kids, these Altoid Sours were the most hard-core, tangy balls of amazingness that your taste buds have ever felt.

2. Lizzie McGuire

Although the show started in 2001, it really feels like Lizzie Mcguire was with us throughout the nineties. Lizzie always makes you feel better about any clumsy mistake or situation. Long live Lizzie McGuire.

3. Chokers

There once was a time when chokers cost fifty cents. Nowadays they have been making a comeback—hopefully because they’re a nice combination of edgy yet trendy. I tried mine on recently, and am quite surprised at how I could’ve worn something so utterly uncomfortable for such a long time!

4. VCR

Do you remember the time before DVDs? When you had to just sit in the living room and patiently rewind a movie? Yep. Me too.

5. Slap Bracelets

Oh yes, those magical, ultra-flexible bracelets. One second they are a straight line of fabric, and after one slap they transform into a bracelet. Not to mention, these slap bracelets were a serious fashion statement back in the day. Kids liked their toys fashionable.


If you have ever played this game, whether in camp or school, you know that its purpose is to ‘predict your future’. Luckily, most people did not usually take it too seriously…but wasn’t it amusing to find out that Zac Efron was going to be your husband while living in a mansion in the Bahamas?

7. Beanie Babies

How could you ever forget these? The cutest, best kinds of small stuffed animals to cuddle with. My favorite Beanie Baby was always the unicorn one, named Mystic.

8. Livestrong


At one point, it seemed like every kid in your school was wearing a different kind of Livestrong! First there was the classic yellow, and then the pink “Hope” bracelet, until soon there were all kinds of multi-colored versions.

9. Avril Lavigne

Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated? Was it because of the skater boy? At one point or another, you’ve definitely shamelessly jammed along to at least one Avril song.

10. The Macarena


Oh yes, the best song ever!! If you know the dance to this song by heart, there’s a big chance that you are a '90s kid. Not to mention, it’s dangerously catchy.

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