10 Reasons Why Being Short Rocks

There are more than a few benefits of being a part of the FSC—aka, the Fun Size Club.

1. You Never Have To Worry About Being Taller Than Your Date

Depending on what kind of shoes you’re feeling that day, you can wear the highest heels you want or a cute pair of flats! It won’t matter which shoes you wear because you will always be shorter than your date. If you like short guys, you can date short guys too without having to feel like you are towering over them.

2. Hide and Seek

When you’re short, you can literally hide almost anywhere! You can fit in your hamper, inside a locker, maybe even inside a suitcase if needed. Hide and seek anyone?

3. Legroom

Whether you are in a car, on a plane, or in class, there is no need to stress about your leg space. You can neatly fold them behind you or keep them in front of you without bumping into the seat in front. Hurrah for leg room!

4. Never Too Tall For The Bed

No matter what kind of bed you have, you do not have to worry about your feet dangling off the end of the bed. This makes most beds feel pretty comfortable…even extra long twin beds! Dorm beds never felt so good.

5. You Never Hit Your Head On Low Ceilings

No more bumping your head on low ceilings! No more having to duck when you’re in a cave. Being short has its own advantages.

6. You Can Use Taller People As Shields

Let’s say you are on a boat and there is a lot of wind. You can stand or sit behind a tall person and they will block all of it for you. The same applies if it’s too sunny outside and you want some shade! Easy. Just stand or sit by a tall person, and voila! You have all of the shade you need to sit back and relax.

7. You Can Escape Awkward Social Gatherings

Sometimes you're just not in the mood to socialize or you might find yourself stuck in a mega awkward situation. When this happens, you can easily squeeze through people. If they are tall, then most of the time they won’t even notice if you leave.

8. You Can Use People’s Shirts As Dresses  

When you’re short, you can get away with wearing a shirt as a dress. This comes in handy for swimsuit season when you need a cover up. Plus, shirt dresses are quite trendy, so if a shirt doesn’t fit as a shirt you can always wear it as a dress.

9. Closer To The Ground Equals Shorter Fall

Falling is not fun for anyone. Especially for clumsy people like myself. At least for short people, there is less distance to the ground. Sometimes this is a very good, perhaps even life-saving, advantage.

10. The Fun Size Club Is AWESOME

There are a lot of talented, inspirational people out there who are short! This group includes the Olsen Twins, Anna Sophia Robb, Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, Rooney Mara, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis to name a few! Not to mention, someone else who is pretty awesome—you!

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