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I got my first set of tattoos a few weeks ago, which gave me the chance to look around a tattoo parlor without being self-conscious about it for the first time ever! My thoughts drifted to the conversations I’ve had with my elders and their opinions on tattoos.

Tattoos are the works of Satan. Who would like to mark their body with a bloody tattoo and look at it forever? For God’s sake, it’s permanent!

My elders

Dramatic, aren’t they?

But their statements got me thinking: why are tattoos in such fashion nowadays?

Is it a new trend or hype culture, or does it have any historical significance?

Surprisingly, for thousands of years, tattoos have been used as a form of self-expression, decoration, and ritual. Some people, like me, enjoy the sensation of having a tattoo and the experience of having a work of art permanently etched on their skin. Some use them to assert one’s identity and individuality.

Tattooing has been a part of human history for thousands of years, with various cultures using it for spiritual, religious, social, and personal reasons. The term “tattoo” originates from the Polynesian word “tatau”, which translates to “marking”. This practice is believed to have originated in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Once associated with sailors, soldiers, and prisoners, tattoos are now widely accepted and popular as a means of self-expression and a form of body art.

The motivations behind getting a tattoo are as diverse as the individuals who choose to get them. Some people get tattoos to tell a personal story, honor a loved one, or commemorate a significant event. Others simply want body art for aesthetic reasons. Each tattoo has its own story behind it, which makes it unique and personalized to the person who is getting tattooed. Whatever these reasons might be, tattoos have become a great part of our society, and we have seen a large part of it accept the people and the idea of tattoos.

So, if you ask me, I think that tattoos have been a constant in our society for ages, and calling it “hype/hoax culture” is just disregarding their presence in history.

I wonder, what would be your first tattoo?

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