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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

We all know that music has the power to inspire, motivate, and heal. It can make you feel understood and in this time of the spread of a global pandemic, music can also destress you when you would need it the most. Hopefully, you can harness your favorite tracks or playlists and open the door to optimism while also practicing social distancing in the comforts of your own home. Now you don’t have to stop that feeling and dance like nobody’s watching unless you are in an online classroom with your professor during the week. 


God is a woman- Ariana Grande

Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce

Take On Me- a-ha

That work hard, play hard motto is strong for you. You don’t stop until you get the task done. Music can only motivate you to push you to your goals but also keep you at bay. Your playlist consists of tracks that put a spark in your day so you can get through your online classes and master working from home.



You like to listen to just about everything and have the freedom to discover different types of music genres with your crew. Exposing your ears and crew to different music genres that inspire and help to bring you all collectively during these uncertain times.

All InThis Together- High School Musical 

Call Out My Name- The Weeknd

Get You- Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis


For you, oh tender Pisces, music is the perfect  getaway from reality. Such sweet melodies can bring you into a magical fantasy where anything could happen. These songs will allow you to transcend through time and space — bringing you into an extremely imaginative place, which you always longed for.

Say So- Doja Cat

All Time Low- Jon Bellion

What A Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong


Your outgoing energy should never be toned down — yes, even now. Upbeat songs with positive beats will raise your energy levels through the roof. You can have a dance party around your living room in your PJs or shoot a cute TikTok video with your family with these tunes playing in the background.


1999- Prince

Truth Hurts- Lizzo

Old Time Rock and Roll- Bob Seger


You like your song to mirror your love life and deepest romantic sentiments. These songs will make your heart omit a beat and carry your passions to the forefront of your mind, permitting you to sense more related with your boo even if you’re presently separated from each other.

Love Lies- Khalid feat Normani

U Already Know-Tink


You love listening to catchy tunes with lyrics that have meaning and depth. After a few times of enjoying every of these songs, you will have them on consistent repeat and bop round singing the same words over and over (which will show to be a calming pastime for you).

Wake Up in the Sky- Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black

Life is Good- Future feat. Drake


As Lizzo sings in “Good as Hell,” “I do my hair toss, check my nails baby how you feel?” — therefore your good-vibes mixtape must consist of positive songs that express your cool and tough crabby feelings. After all, you are one of the toughest signs — and don’t you ever forget it honey!

Happy- Pharrel Williams

Good as Hell- Lizzo

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson


The world can be your runway and stage — even your bedroom! All of these songs will make you want to strut and bust a move with your crew during FaceTime sessions. May we suggest a virtual lip sync battle with your squad?


24k Magic- Bruno Mars

Phresh Out the Runway- Rihanna 


Analytical by nature, you want a playlist that will make you think about life, relationships, and friendships for a quick  minute. Using your brain to navigate through the current energy will allow you to do some deep journaling, with these songs in the background inspiring your ideas and words.


Music- Madonna


You love to live like a social butterfly- even in the confines of your own home.Which is why any soulful and optimistic songs will give your vibe a well needed boost. Incorporating some of your favorite songs into your daily routine, like homework or projects, will make the day go by quicker.

Distraction- Kehlani

Hold On- En Vogue

Sway With Me- Saweetie & GALXARA


Accessing your desires through music will help you blow off some stress while at home. Add these three songs to your playlist and enjoy them while doing chores around the house and knock out those assignments as an amazing distraction from the current circumstances.

Everybody-Backstreet Boys

Material Girl-Madonna

Cake by the Ocean- DNCE


Self-distancing may make you feel extra lonely, as you are a socialite  by nature. However, your chameleon-like vibes will help you navigate through these uncertain times. Connect with your squad on TikTok by voguing and having your own posh bash filled with silliness and laughter.

Supermodel (You Better Work)- RuPaul

Vogue- Madonna

Savage- Megan Thee Stallion

Hopefully these songs resonante with you and your zodiac, maybe some inspiration to add to your own playlist! Stay safe and social distance in your own at home mini dance party! 

Mikyah Henderson is a young collegiette woman who is not hesitant to take her creativity to newer limits. As a sophomore General English major at Norfolk State University, she discovers Lyman Beecher Brooks Library as her home along with letting her creations on paper take flight. After being a drama club member at her public high school in Highland Springs, Virginia, she learned that it is okay to be unique and to never let stereotypes defy anything that her future will foretell. One day, she hopes to own her own practice as a Family/ Marriage Counselor for relationships in need of guidance and support as well as taking her love for fiction to even greater heights
I am a Mass Communications General Broadcasting major at Norfolk State University. My goal is to become a media influencer and to inspire many in my position.