Why Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show is Better Than Victoria Secret Fashion Show

As we know, the Queen Rihanna released a lingere line in 2017 (yes, its been that long) and when she dropped her line, there was a bit of controversy about the models body types. Her response was “Real women, with real woman bodies” unlike some other companies and their model “types”. 

Rihanna finally had her own show this month and her foot was on EVERYONES neck! She had performances by the likes of Normani, Big Sean, Halsey, and more. Her cast of included Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hidad, Laverne Cox, Slick Woods, and so many more talented diverse women of all body shapes and backgrounds. As of right now, Amazon Prime Video is the only platform that has the show available. 

Rihanna’s openness towards the diversity of beauty has been known since her makeup line “Fenty Beauty” dropped. She loves to show the beauty of women of different ethnicities, body types, and women who own their beauty. Calling her show a “runway” show would be an understatement. The way she incorporated the performances with the models in her pieces is astonishing, showing the different colors, cuts and styles of her pieces while simultaneously entertaining the audience. Victoria’s Secret COULD NEVER.

True enough, Victoria’s Secret is a well known lingerie brand with a devoted fan base, however VS has been very particular when choosing their models. The body type has always been tall and very slim or fit, their shows have always had the traditional runway walk while a performer is in the middle of the runway. The fact of the matter is, not all women have the same body type and sometimes traditions just need to be broken.

Many women are tall, short, or curvy and VS does not have a history of allowing that representation to be shown on their runway. Many believe the Savage X Fenty show completely changed the game by giving so many women body confidence. Representation in all spaces matter, but especially in an industry like lingerie where the bodies on the runway rarely look like the bodies of the everyday woman. In short, Rihanna has done what has needed to be done for so long; give women a reason to feel sexy, regardless of the body type.