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These Women are Shaking the Table in 2019


There’s no greater way to start off our first month of 2019 than a bit of controversy from feminists and black community. Though Soulja Boy seems to be the latest trending topic in the media another topic that is causing some commotion is the new “Twerk” music video by the City Girls’ and female rapper, Cardi B. Now someone who will be getting “flewed out” is Senator Kamala Harris and her run for presidency in 2020 and though many will like to see current President Donald Trump out of office, Kamala’s past policies is not cutting it for the black community.

While most social media outlets such The Shade Room is keeping us up with the latest news, you may have noticed Ms.Kamala Harris is quite the topic. Though many in the black community said they had her vote, it was quickly shut down by others saying that she was not the greatest fit being that she’s known for wrongly convicting Black and Hispanic people in prison. Some in the The Shade Room’s comments say, “all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk” and vouching that they won’t be voting for her until she proves different and get her act together. Seems like she is putting her coins more into the prisons than into helping the Black and Hispanic community. Sis is not it!

    Ms. Harris said in her Instagram video that, “The future of our country depends on you and millions of others lifting our voices for our American values” and later goes to Good Morning America to voice that she’s the best for keeping our country safe. Doesn’t seem like the Black and Hispanic community is here for her words and are interested in a better candidate for our 2020 election. So while there’s time make sure you’re keeping up to date to see who will be our better president next election.


 In other news, a video that is causing some talk is the new “Twerk” music video by City Girl,  Young Miami and iconic female rapper Cardi B is not only causing the girls to “shake what their mommas gave them”, but criticism between Conservatives and journalist Stephanie Hamill questioning how does the video exactly relate to the #Metoo movement and empower women. When watching the video you may notice not only are Yung Miami and Cardi B painted in body paint, but various women are definitely showing us how to twerk while having fun. The video has caused a lot of uproar between feminists and Ms.Hamill, they argue that the video was made for all women and shows how women can simply dance and have fun.


    As many may know the #Metoo movement is an outlet for women who are victims of sexual harassment and assault who want to voice and share their experiences. Cardi B responds to Stephanie on her twitter saying just because she twerks and exposes her body in her music video doesn’t mean she’s asking for rape and how she is free to do what she wants and wear whatever she wants because “NO” means “NO.” So while Conservatives and Stephanie have a lot to say about the video, many women are loving the new video and it is killing the charts with

25 million views on Youtube. Go off sis!


    Let’s spend less time worried about what a woman is doing while she’s having fun and allow women to be free without worrying about predators and rapists being mentioned.This is a time where Stephanie should have sat there and ate her food. Although all of this is going on, we should definitely spend more time figuring out who will be securing the presidential vote for 2020 because Kamala doesn’t seem like the best fit.







Daisha is a Freshman majoring in Psychology at Norfolk State University. She goes by "Daisy." With her bubbly and nurturing spirit she hopes to inspire and educate younger adults and collegiate women. Strong believer in women empowerment.
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