A Sleek and Easy Ponytail Can Set Off Your Homecoming Look

When Homecoming season approaches at an HBCU, everyone knows it is the most important time of the year. It’s like Fashion Week in New York but on a collegiate level. You put together your best looks to slay for every event. Everyone wants to make sure those outfits are well put together, but we all know a lady’s stylish look is not fully complete without her hair being slayed. Here is a step by step tutorial on a hairstyle that can help bring your entire fashion look together. 

Being that Homecoming is a time of crowded social gatherings -- sweating and humidity may play a huge factor in what hairstyle you choose. So, investing in a low maintenance and affordable hairstyle is the way to go. A sleek ponytail could be the easiest and most cost-efficient hairstyle for you. Fashion blogger and Youtube personality, Anaya Ivy, makes it really simple for you on her Youtube Channel. Her tutorials show how you can achieve various ponytail looks. 

You will only need a few items: a brush, comb, gel or product that helps slick your hair, hair ties and hair extensions for length. It is very easy to do! Find your local beauty store and buy a pack of hair that you would want to use. You can choose from curly, straight, wavy, to a variety of other textures, lengths and styles. You want to start by parting your hair the way you would like; whether that be a middle part, side part or completely slicked back. Then you use gel or whatever product works best for you to slick your hair back. Next, put your hair in a braid or really tight and small bun with the small rubber bands to form a foundation for your extensions. Wrap the hair around your tight braid or bun. (Note:  you may have to add some bobby pins) The finished product is now a fire ponytail that has brought you to life. 

Now whatever you choose to do your ponytail is totally up to you. But always keep in mind your hair is a way to help turn heads, even more, when you are executing your look to shake up the Homecoming Yard!  

To see how Anaya Ivy styles her fierce ponytails, check out her YouTube Channel!