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One surefire way to spice up your dorm room or “home away from home” is the strategic placement of low light. Dim lighting, according to The Independent, is “usually associated with relaxation […] therefore, by dimming the lights, people become more rational, negotiate better, and are therefore able to make better decisions.” Naturally, the trendy solution to such an endeavor as to control your emotional atmosphere is the utilization of candles. But what is a girl to do when candles are prohibited in the residence hall by your university? Do you resort to string lights? Maybe a lamp? Today, HCNSU is going to show you how to lowlight your room in style, just in time for the Spring semester. 


Battery Powered Candles

In most dorm rooms (if not all) traditional candles are banned because they are fire hazards. A natural alternative is to real fire, electric candles provide just the right amount of light for romancing yourself. 

Jazz Up Your String Lights

Everyone under the sun has a rope or two of string lights strung up haphazardly. For maximum wow factor, pair your string lights with some tulle. You can get this pretty cheap in a variety of colors on Amazon, or at an arts and crafts store like Michaels.

Lamping in style

An ordinary desk lamp says ‘late-night grind”. Its harsh light is tethered to every sleepless night, and late assignment you’ve ever known. Invite Mother Nature herself into your room with a salt rock lamp.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Most of these light-up in different colors, and can diffuse the day’s tension away with springy smells like lemongrass for mental clarity, lavender for relaxation, peppermint (which, fun-fact will help keep spiders away), and many more. These can be found at places like Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and Marshalls.

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