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One semester down, one more to go … right? Even with your first semester under your belt,  navigating through college can still be stressful, scary, and confusing going into the spring semester. Here are a couple tips to keep you sane from one freshman to another.


Problem #1 The Messy Roommate

It’s freshman year so it’s a new living space for you and your roommate. If your roommate is messy 24/7 rather than every now and then-- it’s time to have a talk. Try your best to have a calm approach and maybe offer to help if she truly is struggling. It’s your living space too so don’t be scared to speak up.

They keeps borrowing your things without asking

This is a big problem rather it be clothes or miscellaneous items. Your roommate SHOULD NOT be going through or taking your things without your permission. It is best to address this immediately. Rules and boundaries can also be set if you create a roommate contract at the beginning of the year.

They invite guests without letting you know ahead of time

This can be extremely annoying, especially since it is your space as well. This can be a big problem if you need to change or shower and she could have them over at any moment without you knowing. The best thing to do is to ask her to tell you if or when he may come over. Don’t be afraid to say “No.” or “It’s not a good time.”

Problem #2 Adulting... kind of

Become a pro at time management

New environment, new wanderlust. I know for me all I wanted to do was explore during freshman week. Going to the beach, to 7-Eleven late at night with friends for a snack, looking for all the close stores or fast food; it’s something a lot of us do. Fresh out of high school you may not realize that now you have to do a lot of time management. You have to know when to stay in and study rather than go out and party or explore.

I have to schedule my own doctor’s appointments???

You’re an adult now, it’s time to do adult things. Your parents may not schedule your appointments anymore which means you need to know how to schedule your own. You may even have to search for a new doctor who accepts your insurance if you’re going to school away from home. This is a good time to talk to your parents about what insurance you have and what it does and does not cover.

Credit Cards

Not everyone has a credit card but many get lured in by credit card companies not knowing what they are getting themselves into. A credit card is BORROWING MONEY that needs to be PAID BACK later. Before you choose your credit card(s) make sure you know the specifics. For example, when you have to pay the card off and what the interest rate is. It is good to make sure you pay the cards off on time or preferably before the date set so you have a good credit score to buy a car or get approved for an apartment without needing a co-signer later on.


Problem #3 College


More often than not, you will have a few lecture-based classes that do not have presentations to follow. One thing that helps me study and make notes for lecture-based classes is to record the class on my phone (with the professor’s permission). This allows me to listen over for things I may have missed or misunderstood during the class. This also helps if one of your peers misses the class, you can let them know what they missed

Why are textbooks so expensive?!

Rent, rent, and rent! That is one of the best things to do for classes you will only be taking for a semester. Sometimes it is good to buy a book that corresponds to your major for a guide or reference, but if your pockets aren’t deep renting, borrowing, and sharing are the best options for you.

Do I really have to read this syllabus?

Always go by your syllabus. Your professor is counting on you to know what is due and when it is due. We’re not in high school anymore so they won’t always warn you when something is due. You have to be on top of your work and know when to start it.


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