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The Freshmen 5: 5 Things Every Freshmen Needs to Know

Freshmen year is arguably the most exciting time of your college life. The memories you will make and bonds you will create will become timeless. When “your college years are the best” is said, you can be sure that your freshmen year is what they are speaking of. Although your first year of college is going to be amazing, there will undoubtedly be times that you wish you knew a few things. Well wish not a second longer, here are five tips that will make your freshmen year a little more amazing. 



There is no such thing as a “teacher’s pet” in college

Everyone knows that leaving apples for your teacher and staying late after class is frowned upon… in high school. When you enter college classrooms, Mr. Williams turns into “Professor Williams” or Dr. Williams”. Something about those titles alter the rules a bit. Getting to know your professors can be extremely beneficial. Your instructors are going to be the people who write your recommendation letters and expose you to internship opportunities. Your intstructor is going to be one of the first professionals in your career field that you network with. By no means should you leave fruit on your professors desk, but sropping by their office hours will surely make a lasting impression. 


 The Band and Athletes are your competition 

Don’t worry, competing with the band and sports teams won’t affect your school spirit. Most college campuses have a cafeteria, a band, and athletes. Those three are a lethal combination concocted to murder any chances of you getting food. Most college bands and teams do everything as a unit, eating is no exception. If your schedule allows, make sure you are at least 10 minutes ahead of the band, and 15 minutes ahead of the athletes (they’re a bit faster). If you don’t make it to the cafe before them, charge it to the game, remind yourself that they’ve probably been practicing for hours, and set an alarm to make sure you beat them to dinner the next day. 


 Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do

The stories are true; C’s do get degrees. Graduating with a 2.0 is possible and slackers do pass their classes some times. Although doing the minimum is appealing, always strive for better. You don’t have to ask for extra credit during every class, but do what is required. Bad grades can easily ruin your first year of college because you won’t be eligible to do anything. Okay, you can still do things, but you will not be able to get involved on your campus. To be active in any organization on campus, many universities require you to maintain a 2.5 grade point average. The grades you receive your first year in college is the foundation of your gpa, so take advantage of the required courses that seem pointless. 


Ramen isn’t that bad 

 Admit it, before college life ramen was not something to reach for when your stomach started rumbling. Things change when it is past midnight, all the nearby restaurants are closed, and your only dinner options are Ramen and sleep. Unfortunately, dark moments like the one mentioned are not uncommon for undergraduates. Having a few packages (or a box, because why not?) of Ramen in your room can save your life. Ramen is easy to cook and even easier to spice up because there are different flavors.  College kids are not wealthy by any means, and Ramen is extremely affordable. Do not, again, DO NOT commit yourself to an all Ramen diet, but don’t leave the grocery store without it either.


Take your clothes out, please

There is nothing more annoying than trying to do laundry and seeing clothes in a washer that has timed out. This moment will happen to you and sometimes it will be your clothing in the washer. Not removing your clothes when the cycle has ended will result in someone removing them for you (it happens to everyone). To avoid having your clothing forced from a washing machine, set a timer on your phone. The timer will let you know exactly when your clothes are done washing; you’ll get your laundry done faster and make the machines you were using available. Everyone wins.


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