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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

Many college students go to college and major in a field that their parents want for them, but not a major that they necessarily want themselves. Some do this because their parents are paying for their education or maybe to make their parents proud, but is this the price of happiness and thriving in your own career path? Why do we as young adults let others dictate what we should do with our lives? We should be taking life and shaping it into what we want for ourselves because at the end of the day, we know whats best for us.


Many of the people who are trying to decide what is best for them are the same ones who don’t really know themselves yet. If you’re a business major but your true passion is art, then you should major (or minor) in art. Do not let others place in your head that the major you want or may have chosen will not grant you success in your career path. You don’t want to go on in life with regrets and a lot of what if’s. If you get that business degree you may be stuck at that career stigma for almost forty years and hate it. When you could’ve went on and got the degree in art and had been thriving in your passion doing what you want and be happy and succeeding. There is no reason that you should not do what you love, do not stop your dreams because of fear of what other my say. If this is you and your parents are pressuring you into something you do not want, the best thing for you is to actually have a heart to heart and really explain what you want. The reason is you will be the one who is most affected by theses choices, this is your future. 


People close to you may even try and put you down because of what you want to do: parents, friends, and even your significant other may try and put out your flame. I was once told that because of my major it is going to be hard to find a job. With any career it might be hard to find a job, all majors and jobs are competitive it is all about you as a person and how you want to succeed it starts within. Many people will try and state that their dreams are more important than your own, that is not true. Not everyone’s path is going to be the same but if you want to change where yours will end start from doing what you love. So if you are majoring in something right now that you can not stand you might want to go change it before it is to late.


I am mass com and theather major. I love writing, dancing and watching tv. My goal in life is to write and produce my own tevison shows. I go to nsu and i am expecting and want to gradute in dec of 2021.