Campus Cutie: Daniella Kasonga

This month’s campus cutie is none other than Ms. Daniella “Dani” Kasonga. Daniella is a sophomore Education major and she is involved with TeacherPrep, African Student Association and the Spartan fest planning committee. However, when she’s not active on campus she’s active in front of the camera! Dani is a model and a style icon with her daily “today’s tea” posts on her instagram page. Dani is also celebrating her 20th birthday this month on the 28th.



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HCNSU: What inspired you to be a teacher? 


Daniella: All of my teachers have impacted me as a person in different ways and has contributed to the person I am today. So I want to be able to do the same for kids in the future. 


HCNSU: Who is your style icon? 


Daniella: My best friend, Estelio. He’s always had a sense of style and I don’t know when it hit me, but when it did I wanted to follow.


HCNSU: Now that you’re turning 20, what do you look forward to in this new decade of your life? 


Daniella: Just to see my growth as a person. Every year has brought something new for me and I’m looking forward to seeing my growth from 20 and beyond. 


HCNSU: What’s the most important thing to you when it comes to dating someone? 


Daniella: Personality is important, rude people and stand-offish people are a huge turn off. I like people who can just be themselves and let go because I’m super goofy. 


HCNSU: What’s your least and most favorite zodiac sign? 


Daniella: I don’t like Scorpios, all Scorpio boys that I’ve ever talked to are all conceited, selfish and sneaky. My favorite sigs are Capricorns though, both my parents are Capricorns.


HCNSU: Lastly, where’s your favorite place to shop? 


Daniella: I LOVE thrift stores!


Be sure to look out for Daniella on campus! Follow her on Instagram @dangerouslydanii and Twitter @dandandaniellaa to keep up with her daily looks and wish her a happy birthday on March 28th!