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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

This week’s Norfolk State Campus Crush is none other than DiJuan Davis or better known as, Juan. He’s a Junior, Mass Communications major. He serves as the SGA Photographer, Videographer, and Creative Director. But when he isn’t doing work for the green and gold he also shoots other concerts and events that aren’t school related. Like he even shot a Meet & Greet with the late rapper, Pop Smoke, back in February.



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Here is HCNSU’s interview with him: 


HCNSU: What made you get interested in filming?

Juan: Since I was a kid I was always interested in movies and music videos. Just anything motion picture


HCNSU: What’s one of your favorite shoots you’ve done so far? 

Juan: Either the Megan Thee Stallion Concert and DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas concert


 HCNSU: What’s your favorite movie?

Juan: A lot, but all three Friday movies, Training Day, and Baby Boy 


HCNSU: Are you looking to settle down anytime soon? And if so, then anyone in mind? Juan: Right now? No just enjoying life and nah I really have my eyes on anyone 


HCNSU: What are you doing to stay busy during your Corona-cation? 

Juan: Meditate, eating healthy, reading, editing, and going outside


HCNSU: What is your ideal date?

Juan: Spending quality time with her outside in nature. Just being able to vibe and be ourselves. 


Make sure to speak to DiJuan next time you see him on campus and stay connected with him and his work on his Instagram and Twitter @ohghejuan and his photography page @I forgot to tell you about to photography page ??‍♂️ @DirectorJuan. Also, subscribe to his YouTube page: OhGhe Juan.

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