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5 Ways to Enjoy Eachother Before You Explore Eachother

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

Whether you’re in a relationship or close friends with a guy, you should know that sex is not always an essential part of a relationship.  Some people refuse to gain a strong bond before engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s always good to establish a friendship so that your partner can get to know who you are as a person.  Here’s 5 ways you can enjoy each other before you explore each other


Find a Common Interest

This is the perfect way to establish common characteristics of each other. During the fall, It’s so hard to not stay in the house and be under each other all the time. Stay active by sharing hobbies like basketball, walking, or exercising. Get a scheduled plan together by having a new activity every day. Invite people over, so that way you won’t be tempted to be sexually active.


Make friends

Do you have other friends that are in relationships or are in the process of dating? The moment you find those friends, start having lunch and movies dates that you all will enjoy. Have you thought about enjoying a vacation to the Bahamas or a short trip to Florida? Try scheduling fun trips with Expedia or Groupon. If you have other friends try separating yourself from your partner by hanging out with other people.


 Have family time

The secret to a healthy relationship is establishing connections with your partners family.  It’s good to establish close bonds with family members because you never know how big of an impact that will establish.  It’s good to understand why your partner develops personalities and different cultural beliefs through his family history. In many ways, you can see your partner in a different space than usual. You will be able to learn new characteristics that you never knew your partner had.


Stay Productive

If you feel that you two are in need of some great discipline, try reading together or establishing goals. A good activity would be a vision board night, where you get to draw or write your career plans out. If you’re religious, try going to church and saying affirmations every night to make room for planning and praying.



Okay, okay! I know what your thinking; there is no possible way to cuddle without it leading to sex. If your cuddling with your boo, play music or watch a television series that will keep your attention on something else. Cuddling is a moment when you both are finally in a quiet space where you can enjoy each others presence and gossip about tv shows and other drama.


In the process of getting know each other, I believe these five tips can help you build a closer bond with your partner. New activities for you two to share will lead to new conversations you never had before in the relationship. The day your friendship and butterflies fade away is the day that you lose the bond that you started all along. Start practicing these new tips in order to maintain a week without sex with your significant other.

Patsy Douglas

New School '20

Patsy Douglas is currently in her Senior year at Norfolk State University, majoring in Mass Communication/General Broadcast