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5 Must Have Stocking Fillers

Large presents are great, but nothing beats finding tiny trinkets to stuff in a stocking. We tend to sleep on the cute little knick-knacks and leave our stockings hanging from the fireplace to collect dust, but THIS Christmas will be so much different! Everyone on your list will love these stocking fillers, and they might even beat the gifts under the tree



1. Facial Cleansing Brush

If your skin is anything like mine, cold weather means a dry face! Using my hands to apply my skin-care products just doesn’t do the trick anymore. Sure, it’s easy to moisturize and remove dirt and blackheads from the surface of your skin, but what about underneath?  I found the perfect gift for anyone you know who might think they’re getting all that yuckiness off of their skin, but in reality they’re NOT! This cleansing brush makes my face feel brand-new after each use, and the best part of it all is that it’s super cheap!



2.  Popsockets

Tired of your phone falling on your face while trying to watch your favorite Netflix movie? Yeah, same sis. That’s why I invested in a cute little Popsocket for my phone. These convenient accessories pop out so you can hold your phone with one hand, or you can prop it up on any flat surface! Popsockets are useful for anyone in the family, and they also add spice to your device!



3. Selfie Light Ring

No bad selfies in 2019! Help that one auntie who just can’t get right in her pics, step her Insta-game up with this attachable ring light. It comes with three different light settings to ensure that you won’t ever have to travel too far again to get that “good light”. With the sun on vacation for awhile, this cute gift will definitely come in handy this winter. No worries auntie, we got you!



4. Apple Airpods

One of life’s greatest annoyances is how tangled your headphones get, especially when you want to jam to some Summer Walker! Connect these wireless Airpods to your iPhone via Siri without even having to take it out of your pocket. With a single charge, you’ll get 5 hours of crystal clear listening time. 


5. Pep Talk Pencil Set

A mini pep talk talk to yourself can go a long way when writing notes, papers, articles etc. What if there was a way you could save your breath and remind yourself that “you got this” with just a glance at your pencil? The cute pencils have encouraging words written on them to keep you going during that assignment you’ve been dreading all week. These #2 pencils remind you who’s #1.



Christmas is about giving, spending time with family, and making others happy! Big presents are fine and dandy, but there’s nothing like a small gift that takes up a big place in someone’s heart. After all the greatest gifts come in the smallest packages.     



Niah is currently living her best life as a freshman at NSU, majoring in Elementary Education!
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