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3 Black Owned Restaurants That You Must Try

As a community, the month of February is usually a celebratory month for Black people everywhere. It’s our month; everything there is to do in that month will and should revolve around us. While this past Black History Month has been in shambles with mini wins for us scattered in the folds, it’s not “doing too much” to shed some positive light on Black people being as amazing as we know we are.

Although Black History Month has ended  I believe it doesn't have to be February to give a shout out to Black Owned Businesses. I am going to be highlighting a few Black-Owned Restaurants, local to Norfolk, Virginia and its surrounding areas. We shouldn't need a reason to spend our money with people who look like us. Enjoy!

Wing Bistro Hampton, VA

“American cuisine with a soulful twist.” Wing Bistro is a restaurant dedicated to the sweet and the savory; the restaurant specializes in serving a variety of wing flavors over buttermilk waffles.  The great news about this Bistro is not only is the food amazing but it is also very college budget-friendly, with the minimum price for an entrée being $9. The Wing Bistro is spilling over with its sweetness.

 Mango Mangeaux | Hampton, VA


A Black-Owned business run by women – “I love this song.” The creators of this restaurant have been featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, where they wowed the judges, effectively boosting the sales of their mango preserves. This bistro is a collection of French, Creole, and NeoSoul flavors with a fine dining price tag.

Senses Vegan Comfort Food | Norfolk, VA

As a healthy alternative, another Black-Owned Business in the Tidewater area is Senses Vegan Comfort food. Senses is dedicated to providing comfort to those living or interested in living a vegan lifestyle. This restaurant is owned by a Black woman as well, her family serves as her support system in operating this restaurant. This restaurant combats the argument that vegan food is too expensive with their affordable prices. The lowest price for an entrée is $6. Go take a look!

In case you didn't know Black women are the leading group of entrepreneurs in the United States. It is amazing what we are creating these days. Be sure to visit these restaurants and be on the lookout for other Black Owned businesses. You won't be disappointed. 




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