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Thanksgiving break is approaching and we all know what that means…time to get lazy! After the fifth plate of your holiday faves your food coma will surely start approaching and you’ll probably settle for watching “Baby Shark” with the children. No worries, we have you covered this holiday season. Here are three binge-worth series that are sure to keep you entertained before, during, and even after your Thanksgiving break!


The Originals — If you’re into shows about the supernatural with a little bit of romance, you will LOVE this show. The main characters are a group of siblings named The Mikaelsons and they are vampires who have been around for 10 centuries causing havoc and cheating death. Unlike most vampires, they cannot be killed and they possess superhuman strength, speed, and agility. The youngest brother, Klaus returns to their home in New Orleans after he does the impossible for vampires. He gets a werewolf pregnant and everyone in the show is either protecting the child or trying to kill the child. Throughout the series, the family goes through hardships, losses, and some of your favorite characters become your least favorite. This series will leave you on the edge of your seat!


Gossip Girl –The title in itself tells you what it is. Yes, it is a show that involves gossip, scandal, heartbreak, backstabbing, and extreme debauchery, and everything else that your typical rich privileged high schoolers go through. They are not the typical teenagers, because they attend a prestigious prep-school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and they have bank accounts larger than life! The show follows a blog called Gossip Girl who reports all misfortunes that happen to the school’s elites, Serena and Blair. Throughout the show you see the girls change into mature young women, well almost. This show is a must see!


 One Tree Hill — Everyone loves a good teen drama, right? This show is about two brothers that grew up in two completely different household. Lucas lives in a single parent household with his mother, who sometimes receives help from Lucas’ uncle who is in love with his mom. Nathan lives with his wealthy father and stay at home mother in their big house, with a white picket fence life. There is tension at first, but brotherly love seems to become a reality for them. What sets this show apart from most teens shows is that it is equipped with situations that mirror real life situations like. . . well I can’t give away all the details!


These series are sure to keep you entertained and glued to your tv screen. Now, pack your clothes, put gas in your car and head home, It’s time to get lazy!

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