Your Guide to the New Season of Made in Chelsea

It’s that time of year again…Made in Chelsea is back for its 13th season! That magical hour on a Monday night where you can forget all about student debt and your mouldy house in Lenton and indulge in the beautiful, extravagant lives of SW3’s filthy rich young clique.

When we last saw the gang, it was at Rick Edward’s annual ‘Christmas Party’ where we saw all of the tensions and arguments throughout the season confronted on stage in front of the entire cast and of course, the nation. Season 12 focused heavily on divides between the girls and there was more catty fighting than ever before with Binky and JP’s relationship causing a divide between Binky and her best friends Louise and Rosie. Tiff and Toff’s ongoing feud culminated in a rather nasty argument, but eventually they were able to make up, to the disappointment of Jess and the elation of Sam Thompson. As well as being caught up in an argument with her best friend Binky, poor pint-sized rocket Louise also found her relationship with Ryan to be under strain. (If you can’t remember who Ryan is, imagine a very large rock and it might jog your memory, because that is essentially what he is.) Any chances of her rekindling things with Alek appear to be long gone, and so we will have to accept this uninteresting rock to be the newest and perhaps permanent member of the Thompson household.

Looking forward to the next season, I am interested to see what happens of the newly formed romance between Olivia and Fred; will it be plain sailing or will there (quite inevitably) be some sort of wrench in the works that throws the entire thing off course as usual? Toff spent most of the previous season either at Olivia’s throat or trying to throw herself somewhat cringily at Francis, here’s hoping she moves on to greener pastures and is able to settle down with a nice boy who she finds just as interesting as Francis’s obsession with Pangolins (which are actually very interesting, and in fact, very endangered). I think we all secretly enjoyed Sam and his arch nemesis Julius’s feuds, they both called each other a number of quite funny names from across the table of an otherwise fairly elegant dinner party. Will this rivalry continue to develop into the next season? Might there be a fist fight? The possibilities are endless!

And of course, this entire season is built on the ground breaking news that Binky and JP are expecting a baby. Throughout the last few seasons, we have seen their notoriously bumpy relationship navigate the struggles of young love, and go from make-up to break-up more times than we thought possible in the limited number of episodes per season. Nevertheless, it seems they are now expecting a baby, are very happy about it, and are back together looking happier than ever. With so many people, including their fellow cast members, unable to conceal their shock and concerns, it will be interesting to see how strong their relationship maintains as they take on the challenges of pregnancy in the context of the most bitchy and backstabbing group of socialites I have ever had the pleasure of coming across on prime time TV.  

Sadly, there are a few familiar faces who have backed out of the next season, most significantly Miss Jess Woodley who has decided to focus on her fashion brand instead. With the majority of the girls turned against her, it is no surprise that she took this opportunity to bow out of the show and follow in Lucy Watson’s footsteps in building her own brand instead. But not to worry! There are lots of pretty new faces to look forward to, notably the dishy Sam Prince, who seems to already have a reputation for being a bit of a player, and party girl Daisy Robins who naturally is in granddaughter of the lady who set up women’s prestigious polo in the UK back in the 1930’s. There are a couple of other new faces set to appear too, and one of them is a girl called Ella Willis who owns her own helipad so perhaps MIC has finally found someone who can compete with the outright extravagance of Mark Francis.

Make sure you watch episode 1, as this is where Binky and JP will announce the sex of their baby, and doubtlessly we will see how the new kids on the street settle into life amongst Chelsea and Kensington’s elite.

Edited by Nicole Swain